Indus River Valley Paradise is Nothing Compared to The Valley

Welcome to the Indus River Valley. The stunning and spectacular land is ready for your arrival. We hope you enjoy all the perks of your new home.

The Indus River is in North-West India. It starts in the Himalaya Mountain Range and flows East emptying out into the Arabian Sea. The Ghats Mountain Range is South of it.

If you don't have your heart set on living here in the valley, that's okay because I'm going to give a couple reasons why you want to live here.


The Indus River is a fresh water source. So you can use it for cooking, cleaning, drinking, and farming. This is very useful. If you don't have fresh water or if you settle closer to the Ghat mountains, you won't be as close to the water. You need water to survive no matter what. So it makes your life easier if you settle near the river or in the valleys. The Indus River is even compared to the Nile which was thought of as a goddess to the Egyptians because they would not be able to live with out it.


Living near a river means water. Water means boats. Boats mean traveling. Traveling means people. People mean trading. Trading is very important to the two civilizations that dwell in the Indus Valley. Although the Indus Valley is a practically paradise, they don't have every tiny thing you need for daily life. But they make up for it with trading. So if you needed apples for apple pie and you couldn't find any nearby, you could trade with people who have apples but don't have leather. So you would trade the leather for apples.

The Indus Valley has many beautiful scenic views. The valleys and the Ghat Mountain range are just part of what makes the Indus River Valley so majestic.

The Indus Valley is made up of two terrains; the grassy greenlands perfect for farming on and the hard, rocky, landscape that makes the most sensational place for exploring.


The Valley has some of the best farm land in the world. As I said earlier the river starts in the Himilaya mountains and flows down toward the plains eventually traveling through them. The Indus River gets silt from the mountains leaving it behind at the plains. Silt is fine bits of clay or sand that acts as the most amazing fertilizer. It makes the ground rich with nutrients making farming on the plains easy as pie. You need to farm for food or you could use it to trade for other provision. Without the the farming you wouldn't have food to eat so you wouldn't survive.


Entertainment is considered rare by other communities outside of life in the Indus Valley. They have so much to do to survive that they don't have the time or the resources to even think about doing something extra. The Indus Valley is advanced in this area. They have indoor bathrooms and different types of toys and games. Games and toys include dice, clay marbles, grooved tracks, and game boards. The rough and rocky land toward the Ghat mountains make the perfect place for kids to explore during their free time.


There are many types of jobs in the Indus Valley. These jobs include farmers, scribes, traders, fisherman, butcher, baker, etc etc. Everyone needs something done and if you can do it, you have a job. All of the jobs pay too. You need the money to support your family. If you didn't have any money than you wouldn't be able to buy a house or get food. So you would need one to live in the Indus Valley. But the Valley has so many that it would probably be pretty easy to find one.

Contact with any questions.

I hope you will make/made the right decision about the move. There are many better things here in the Valley than there are where you live now. The Indus civilization is the only settlement that has the luxurious treatment. Good luck and enjoy!!


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