Catopia the future is meow

Mission Statement

Here in Catopia, we shall make every litter box great again! Together with our cats, we are stronger!

Membership Requirements

You must love cats enough to live with them around every corner.
You must love happiness, or you should go join the Fainehaven community.
You must enjoy cake or you cannot eat in the community.

Community Rules

1- You will be ruled by president Erin, and the Cat Lords.
2- You cannot leave the community, or you will go straight to Fainehaven. They will devise the consequences of your actions. We may send you to the Litter Box and properly dispose of you.
3- You cannot wear any type of animal fur. EVER.
4- War is outlawed.
5- Everyone has a career in politics.
6- If you have a problem with anyone, you may report them to one of the Cat Lords. They will be sent straight to the Litter Box, and will properly disposed of. Depending upon how bad they are, they could be sent to Fainehaven.
7- If you have a problem with anyone of the rules, you shall be sent to your choice of Fainehaven or the Litter Box. If you go to the Litter Box, you will be properly disposed of.
8- You all will be speaking either German, Meowish, or English.
9- Any affection NOT given to a cat is prohibited.
10- If you do not follow these laws you shall be sent to either the Litter Box (and be properly disposed of) or go to Fainehaven.
11- You may only watch Ghostbusters (all), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and any non-sad cat movie.
12- Everyone must own at least 5 cats.
13- Everyone cannot be allergic to cats. (We shall give you important "treatment"


We will be living in all of the city of San Francisco
  • There is a cat adoption center on the Golden Gate Bridge
  • All people must own at least 5 cats.
  • No one can be allergic to cats.

Daily Schedule

We live on the schedule of a common house cat...

Midnight- Sleep
1 a.m.- Sleep
2 a.m.- Sleep
3 a.m.- Sleep
4 a.m.- Sleep
5 a.m.- Sleep
6 a.m.- Sleep
7 a.m.- Sleep
8 a.m.- Sleep
9 a.m.- Sleep
10 a.m.- Wake up. Take an hour to admire the Laser Pointer.
11 a.m.- Go to the daily hourly speech of President Erin, and the Cat Lords.
12 a.m.- Lunch time. Once finished take a nap to let the food digest properly.
1 p.m.- Take an hour to admire the string.
2 p.m.- Take an hour nap because you studied the string too hard.
3 p.m.- Daily Snack. Once finished, take a quick nap to let the food digest properly.
4 p.m.- Play with cats. (For one hour.)
5 p.m.- Eat an early dinner. Once finished take a nap to let the food digest properly.
6 p.m.- Admire the Laser Pointer once again.
7 p.m.- Sleep
8 p.m.- Sleep
9 p.m.- Sleep
10 p.m.- Sleep
11 p.m.- Sleep


You probably have a good idea of our government. We have a democracy. Our president is Erin. Our cabinet is the cat lords.

Persuasive Appeal

We have cats, happiness, cake, and much more! What else can you ever need?!


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