Minutes 11.28 Secretary, Regan Cobb

Convocation given by Senator Crosland

Roll taken by Secretary Cobb

Senators Shanker, Rozman, Fretwurst, Nichols, and Seymore found absent.

Presentation by President Clements

Academic Affairs: Leland Dunwoodie

  • Academic Policies
  • No tests this Thursday-Friday
  • Lab exams excluded
  • Dr. Alex Feltus - Systems Genetics
  • Tuesday 12:30pm
  • Cooper Library - Main Lobby
  • Ideas for AA
  • Ideas Form
  • Contact Info
  • 269-759-4768 | ldunwoo@g.clemson.edu

Athletics: Trevor Newton

  • Ticketing Updates
  • Really upset they still took IDs in certain places
  • Will get that fixed
  • Campus Recreation Updates
  • Resolution to be sent to Campus Recreation
  • Clemson Marketing Committee
  • Calm before the Roar
  • We got the approval!
  • Logistical outline sent to the athletics
  • Game set for Georgia Tech (2/1/17)
  • W vs. High Point
  • Next up is Nebraska, Nov. 30th @ 9:00 p.m.
  • 56-7 W vs. USC Jr.
  • Next up: Virginia Tech (12/3/16) in the ACC Championship Game
  • Contact Info: Phone: (864)-508-6334
  • Email: trevorn@g.clemson.edu

Campus Life: Robert Lee Storey

  • Meeting with dining on Friday to discuss extension of dining hall hours.
  • Met with United Way of Greenville to discuss the service day event. Follow up meeting with Cal B. to be scheduled
  • Discussions of incorporating an advocacy class offered by Gantt center into elections requirements taking place.
  • Input for Campus Life? Mention it here! http://goo.gl/forms/9iOUDqvkVn

Finance and Procedures: Lindsey Wright

  • No more funding board hearings until 2017
  • Organizations Legislation bumped back by Campus Activities and Events to the new year
  • Beginning overhaul of handbook formatting
  • CBBS meeting: waiting to hear about availability and moving forward in the new year
  • Cole working with ASC and Career Center on financial preparedness for seniors
  • Miller finalizing data from safety poles survey
  • B working with Clemson Area Food Exchange on new project
  • John working with OCES on making sure freshmen are aware of their rights in disciplinary situations
  • Moving into election season- meeting with Elections Director in the new year regarding bylaw changes and appointing a member of F+P to sit on the Elections Committee
  • Town Hall set for November 30th at 5:30 pm in Brackett 100
  • We should have a very large presence- aka BE THERE
  • As always, hmu if you have any questions or just wanna chat (864) 421-5006 @lindseywrong

Health and Human Services: Jess Schnorr

  • Busy, busy, busy (stay updated with everything we are working on!)
  • Thank you for the thought you put into SR8 and the CRC! Very open to questions
  • Met with GSG to talk about initiatives → partnership working on Redfern accessibility
  • Student Health Services meeting after Student Services Funding announcement
  • CHAB updates: Dr. Jacks is supportive of hard waiver policy, but no decision has been made. Financial aid can help cover premiums!! SHS is still hoping for Fall 2017
  • Online appointments at Redfern are coming back!!!
  • BYX is partnering with us for Party.0!!! Let’s throw a party
  • HHS/Residential Life meeting to discuss all things health-related on campus
  • Exploring the possibility of an earlier Fall Break (is it feasible? We’ll let you know.)
  • Next LGBTQIA+ ad hoc committee meeting this week.
  • Kara and Nicki are meeting with Raquel Contreras for cancer support group
  • How ‘bout them Tigers. hmu (I mean it): 843.619.1555 // jschnor@g.clemson.edu // @yayyjesss // snapchat me: yayyjesss // be my guardian in Clem

Transportation and Facilities: Jacob McMeekin

  • Everyone is beginning to work on projects:
  • Transitioning Safety and Emergency Preparedness with HHS
  • August will be taking charge
  • Finalizing Constituency Report
  • New Stuff
  • Still hoping to have Parking Ticket Forgiveness Plan up and running by start of next semester
  • Check out what we are doing: https://trello.com/b/Hmz4PCp1/transportation-and-facilities
  • Parking and Transportation:
  • Bike Share:
  • Expected to be up and running around Spring Break
  • Gotcha Ride is officially back!
  • 6 new Tiger Transit busses, one with ADA lift
  • New commuter spots coming near Little John, expect email with announcement from parking services in the coming week or so
  • Working with both Izzy and Perrin on potential projects
  • Campus Safety
  • August and I met with Patricia Carbajales of GIS on initiatives they are taking
  • SHARE THIS SURVEY: bit.ly/clemsonsafety
  • Steps: select enterprise account, type clemson in the text box, then sign in with your Clemson University account
  • Working with Miller on potential new Safety Poles
  • Join me for Coffee and Conversation every Thursday at 8:00 in All In: (803)-622-8328 // jmcmeek@g.clemson.edu // Twitter and Insta: @jcmcmeek // Snapchat: jcmmeek

University Services: Dory Askins

  • ITSAB Meeting was a success – 14 projects, each project has a liaison
  • Still working on Listserv issues and Outlook/Gmail for faculty/students
  • Mar - Shreya and Mar went to major/minor fair meeting for figuring out location/details/logistics, writing a proposal to send back to them, another meeting on December 7th, waiting on a response about accessibility on campus from Clemson staff
  • Mikey – setting up a lot of meetings regarding local food initiatives, met with Head Chef of Schilletter
  • Bryson – working with Clemson Online for Online SI, Study Hours in the Valley, NROTC, great meeting, everyone is on board, application and research need to be done by February so that they can present to board of trustees
  • Kaitlyn – needs to demonstrate student support for NSE, look out for a survey
  • Courtney – working on Free Expression Tunnel with Alexander, new contact to reach out to
  • Bryson - potential study hours in the valley, working with Trevor

Clerk: Steven Patrick

No updates

Secretary: Regan Cobb

  • Baton
  • Points opportunities this week: Town Hall (Wednesday 5:30-7:30 in Brackett) Lighting of the Gardens (Thursday 5-7 Carillon Gardens)
  • Capital Improvement Graphic (share for points/love from meeee :))
  • http://elfyourself.com?mId=69084493

Pro Temp: Samuel Reinert

  • Admin dinner 2morrow in the Madren Center @6:30
  • Farewell Danielle/Ugly Holiday Sweater Party Friday

SB Vice President: Nicki Seidman

  • Deferred Recruitment resolution
  • Upcoming resolution about job interviews and graduate school interviews as a university excuse
  • Town Hall on Wednesday!
  • Lighting of the Gardens on Thursday!
  • Great job Kara for pursuing cancer support groups!
  • Help AJ shred papers

President: David Gundana

  • Town Hall on November 30th!!!!!
  • Admin Dinner tomorrow
  • Senate application will open when we get back to school over break
  • 1 senate left
  • Lots of legislation tonight. Please give it all your undivided attention
  • Share capital improvement info!!
  • Text me @864-430-7131 I want 2 get 2 know you

Old Business

Bill No.31

To Amend the Student Handbook

Author: Dory Askins

SS: Motion to call this bill to question.

Bill Passes

Bill No.27

Authors: Lindsey Wright & Leland Dunwoodie

To Approve Student Services Funding

JS (Con): In favor of Umbrella Project

PB (Pro): In favor of Makerspace funding

AA (Con): In favor of Umbrella Project

IK (Pro): In favor of bill and rules that they follow

JM: Motion to approve this bill by parts (18-19)

SR: Move to call this bill to parts


JL (Con): HHS is not getting this money, this program we hope to form for people that need the serious mental health help.

AC (pro): The theory that depensing umbrellas is more helpful than agendas is just not true.

AC: Motion to call this bill to question

Bill Passes

Bill No.28

Authors: Alexander Cullen and Miller Hoffman

Non-Operational Funding

LM: Motion to call this bill to question.

Bill Passes

Bill No. 29

Authors: Alexander Cullen and Miller Hoffman

Operational Funding

DS: Motion to call this bill to question.

Bill Passes

Resolution No.10

Authors: Will Webb and Shreya Shanker

JC: Motion to call this bill to question

Bill Passes

Resolution No.11

Authors: Nicki Seidman and Janay Crosland

To Express Support for Allowing Recruitment Processes to be held in the Fall Semester, at the Discretion of the Elected Officials of Clemson University’s Fraternity and Sorority Councils

LD: Con

MM: Pro

KS: Con

JH: Pro

SP: Con

JM: Pro

LD: Con

JH: Pro

PB: Con

NM: Pro

BB: Con

JS: Pro

IK: Motion to call resolution to question

Resolution passes

New Business

Bill No. 32

JM: Motion to table this bill indefinetly.

Bill No.32

To Approve A Cabinet Appointment

Author: Nicki Seidman

LW: Motion to suspend the rules and send this bill into 2nd read.

MM: Motion to call this bill to question

Bill Passes

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