Doll House

The Author is Mason FitzGibbon

My Book is Fiction

Mason FitzGibbon loves to write but, he also works 2 jobs. Due to his jobs he can't update on his books very often. Mason is 19 and he is Canadian. He lives in Canada. Mason has published 11 Stories/books on my book app.

The setting of my book is now and it occurs in an old abandoned apartment.

Lauren is Kidnapped by a man, named Daniel, who is obsessed with dolls. Daniel does terrible things to Lauren and the others. One terrible thing is he "Adjusts" them. He thinks that people are dolls and that they have owners . He also treats them like a doll, he barely feeds them, he plays "games" with them, and keeps them locked in a room.

Lauren is a young teenager who has long, blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She is very spiritual and has a kind heart. Daniel is an older man in his late 20's with dark, brown hair and dashing green eyes. He is very vile and wicked person.

"People aren't dolls, you can't just play with them then put them back in the box when you are done." pg. 25 To me, this quote has a real effect on my book, considering it's referring people being as dolls. Also there is another quote that comes to my attention when I read this book. "You think you know someone, but then they surprise you." pg. 50 This quote ties into my book because one of the characters thought she knew Daniel, but in all reality she didn't.

The main conflict in my book is when Lauren first gets kidnapped. Her boyfriend and little sister go out looking for her only to find out Daniel had kidnapped her sister also. this is halfway solved at the end when Lauren escapes Daniel. She thinks she got her sister free also but turns out that she was the only one who made it out. It was very shocking and emotional for Lauren and her family.

The theme of my book is that sometimes people aren't always who they seem to be. They can fool you and trick you into believing them. You should never trust someone you don't know.

Mechanism: machinery or mechanical appliances in general. Glide: to move smoothly and continuously. Metallic: containing or yielding metal. Adjust: to change so that it fits. Yelp: to call or cry out sharply.

In my Opinion, I love this book. It isn't as good as it could be but i definitely recommend it. I recommend this book to people who love mystery and a little bit of romance. I would describe this book as shocking, breathtaking, and mysterious.



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