I am 5 and I need to play

Play is not frivilous. It is not a luxury. It is not something to fit in after completing all the important stuff. Play is the important stuff. Play is a drive, a need, a brain-building must do.

I am five. I need to move!

I can sit for a bit; then I need to go! When I move I learn. I learn what I can do. I learn to start and stop. I learn to control my body, my voice and my emotions.

This is my brain when I move and exercise!

I am five. I need to touch!

Pencil and paper are o.k. ways to check on my skills sometimes, but it is not how I learn best. I need to feel things, move things, experience things. I need to take things apart and put them back together.

I am five. I need to talk!

I can be quiet for a bit and I'm learning to be a listener but when I talk, I really understand. Talking helps me to develop vocabulary and learn how language works. I can experiment with rhyme and rhythm. I can develop ideas and investigate concepts.

Talking develops higher order thinking.

I am five. I need your help!

I am learning to do so many things on my own! And I don't want you to do things for me that I can do myself...even if it takes me awhile to do it. Your support helps me to think and talk about my ideas and builds my success.

I am five. I need to create.

I need to explore materials and experiment with them. Art for me is all about the process; not the product. I learn how to describe and build my language skills as I create. I strengthen and refine my fine motor skills as I explore media.

I am five. I need choices.

I need options to help me develop self-control and self-esteem. Making a choice that works for me helps me to feel confident in my abilities. Choices help me learn responsibility to myself and others.

I am five. I need to go outdoors.

When I experience the natural world, I learn about patterns, cause and effect, social relationships, and language concepts. I develop physical coordination, stamina and self-regulation.

I am five. I need time.

I don't do well when I am rushed. I need to get absorbed in what I am doing. I need to succeed and fail and try again. I need to think and rethink to develop my ideas.

I am five. I need you to understand me.

I am a risk taker. Capitalize on that! Let me explore real things and real places.

I am messy. Don't stress about it! It's the way I learn right now. Let me create and then teach me to help clean up the mess.

I am a confident doer. Even if I am quiet and shy, I view myself as a capable person. My sense of my own abilities is fragile...safeguard it with supportive words and actions.

I am not built for desk sitting. I'll pay attention for a bit then I HAVE to move. Plan for it. Give me lots of time and options for movement.

My busy brain craves action and novelty. I want to see new things, explore new places and learn about new ideas.

I am not as grown up as you think--I need to play, move, explore.

I can only be

who I am.

To follow me on my blog and learn more about play in kindergarten go here: http://playinkindergarten.blogspot.com/

To contact me about PD regarding play, inquiry based learning, math routines, scaffolding social skills development in kindergarten, or literacy through writing email me at: annierosephoto@gmail.com or annie.wheatcraft@franklin.kyschools.us

To learn about getting kids moving go here: https://www.weareteachers.com/11-fun-and-creative-ways-to-get-your-students-moving-during-the-day/

Or here: http://www.letsmoveschools.org/

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To learn how to support productive talk in the classroom go here: http://stemteachingtools.org/assets/landscapes/STEM-Teaching-Tool-48-Guiding-Students-Science-Talk.pdf

Or here: http://www.gettingsmart.com/2015/09/talking-math-how-to-engage-students-in-mathematical-discourse/

To learn about the benefits of art in the classroom go here: http://www.naeyc.org/tyc/files/tyc/Bongiorno.pdf

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