First crusade Jackie, Sarah, Elizabeth,Allison

Key battles/events

Elizabeth Howell

The first crusade happened during the years 1096-1099 AD. The key event that happened during the first crusade was the speech from the Pope. The Pope at that time was Pope Urban the II. Pope Urban the II’s speech was a speech to the people. People have said the speech he delivered was a memorable and moving speech. There are many different versions of his speech but the main point was, That the Franks (from the west) should come and help their fellow Christians (from the east). There are many different ways people thought he said what he said but the following is what some thought he said or what he meant, “The West has to march to help the East. Everyone should go! The Franks have to stop their wars against each other. To go and to fight against the people who do not believe what we believe and they should fight a justifiable war.” Pope Urban the II also said, “That they should help the Christians because they are being attacked, by the Muslims. Their churches and sacred grounds are being attacked. Also people are not being allowed to get access to go to their places of worship.” For many decades Christians had been fighting back at Muslim lands, right to the edge of Europe, in the Iberian peninsula and in Sicily as well. Even at some times the Church had to get involved in these sort of events, but the offer for spiritual rewards was limited for the participants. Pope Urban the II said, “God in all his power would lead them, because they would end up doing his work for him. For all the people who die for Christ in this war all their sins will be forgotten and forgiven by God. God will have this journey be put in the place of all penance. But only if you don’t go for recognition or money. People should come no matter how rich or poor how strong or weak or how brave or scared, because God has their backs and he will help the people pull through and win the war for everyone, and if you go to Jerusalem to free the Church, you will be better off, because here you are poor and miserable and in heaven you will be happy and wealthy but you will have to participate in the war, because God wills it.” As you can see Pope Urban the II’s speech was a very powerful message. This speech meant a lot to the people when he delivered it and people were very excited because God was on their side. After this speech was delivered people were ready to fight. Which makes this the key event in the first crusade because if this speech never happened no one knows what would have happened or if there ever would have been a war. So in conclusion Pope Urban the II’s speech to the people is the major event that happened during the first crusade.

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