RAJASTHAN golden light and colourful insanity - 1st-12th March 2020

Bailey Chinnery Photography tour of Rajasthan 1st-12th March 2020

Our first port of call is Jaipur where we will stay for three nights. Known a the Pink City, it is famous for many things, including the majestic Amber Fort. We will visit the fort and doubtless find inspiration in the pale yellow and pink sandstone as well as the white marble, frescoed arches and intricately decorated courtyards

Amber Fort, Jaipur
White Marble and Pink Sandstone, Amber Fort

Jaipur's other attractions include the Hawa Mahahl - a pink-hued, honeycombed edifice that rises five storeys. The City Palace - a complex of courtyards, gardens and buildings right in the centre of town.

Jaipur City Palace
Indian women carrying water from stepwell, Jaipur.

Of course it would be remiss of us not to mention the other attraction for which Jaipur is rightly famous. Its shopping. High end London shops source pashminas, bed linen, cushions and carpets from Jaipur and sell them on with a hefty mark up. Artisan jewellery, brassware and pottery together with a wide range of textiles celebrate the revival of traditional crafts.

Colour on the streets of Jaipur

PUSHKAR - about 2 1/2 hours away is Pushkar, our next destination. A quaint, charming little town, threaded around Pushkar Lake, it is quite unlike anywhere else in Rajasthan. It has far more to offer than its famous camel fair and we will enjoy exploring its vibrant bazaars and colourful views. It is a town of great religious significance and the lake draws thousands upon thousands of devotees every year, hoping for spiritual salvation by taking a dip in the holy waters.

Pushkar Lake

JODPHUR - About four hours journey away is Jodphur, The Blue City, where we will stay for two nights. Jodphur is the second largest city in Rajasthan and pleasingly unspoilt by haphazard development. We will take a trip to the Bishnoi Village. The Bishnoi people are known for their affection for animals and nature and eco-freindly approach to life. We can engage with the local people and watch them at work as block printers, shepherds, weavers and potters.

Bishnoi VIllage
Jodphur - the blue city, at night

The abandoned gardens of Mandore are also on our agenda - the ancient town of Mandore served as the capital of many Jodhpur kings but was left in ruins following its abandonment in 1459 CE.

Mandore Gardens

Chai-making ceremony - pure street theatre, and delicious to boot.


UDAIPUR - the Venice of India is where we will spend our last three nights. About five hours drive from Jodphur, we will stop en-route to stretch legs, get refreshments and make some images.

Street life, Udaipur

The 'city of lakes' is famous for its lavish royal residence, overlooking Lake Picchola. The city is a manageable size and offers up myriad opportunities for capturing a sense of place. We will visit the city palace, take a boat trip on Lake Picchola and enjoy the beauty of this location with its surrounding mountains, magnificent temples and bathing ghats.

Washing day, Udaipur


The last few days of our tour will be spent celebrating the Holi Festival. In Udaipur, the festival is celebrated in the most imperial and grand manner, where the royal family takes active participation in all functions and rituals. From Holika Dahan, fireworks to spraying colours, Holi celebration in Udaipur is an enchanting and exuberant experience.

Holika Dahan in Udaipur is followed by a large and vibrant rally, accompanied by royal family members, sitting on decorated camels, elephants and horses. A music band also plays in the rally. This royal procession starts from Shambhu Niwas Palace and moves up to Manek Chowk royal residence. Finally, the cocktail and dinner are served at the Royal Palace and the celebration ends with magnificent fireworks. On the second day, locals and tourists rejoice Holi throughout the city. In several parts of old Udaipur, local people play with dry and wet colours, water guns and balloons. Buckets full of coloured water are thrown at anyone and everyone, walking by. Households prepare traditional sweets and local people dance and sing folk songs to rejoice the merriment. Hotels in Udaipur, arrange for their own Holi celebrations with live DJ, colours and refreshments.

Hope you can join us!
Led by Valda Bailey and Denis Hocking

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