Theater By SHANIYAH Crawford

In theatre the steps are figuring out a title. Also you have to figure out the cast. Next you have to figure out the settings. After there you go onto step four and then you do your lines. Step five is the stage directions. After stage directions is the scene. Then step six you have to figure out what Products you are going to use in the play.

Number one first you need the script. After you're done you have to pick the cast. Then you pick out your lines. After you are done with that you have to figure out the title of the name. Also you have to figure out what the setting is. Then you have to do the stage directions. Some of the stage directions are upstage, downstage, upstage left, upstage right. There is also center, downstage right, down stage left.

Romance and comedy are two different things. Romance is about how love and sadness mix. Comedy is about how people laugh and cry . Romance comedy have nothing in common. Trying to compare contrast our hard. If you compare that you would have to do romance/comedy. If you can contrast them Romance is love. And comedy is funny. When you compare and contrast romance and comedy you have to figure out the difference because you have to know what the same is and the difference. Romance and comedy can be in the same play it would just be a romance comedy play. If they are different it would be a romance play and a different play like comedy.

Once you start to do a play you have to have lines and a script. Also you need a title and cast. And a setting, scene, stage directions. When u figure out words for plays its hard. If your into your major you will figure it out. Some people are like i don't feel like writing just try it.

To write a play first you need to put the title. Then you need to put the cast. Next you need to then you have to start your scene. Then it it scene one and so on. Now u might not wanna make it too long or you might i don't know but when u try its better.

Romance and comedy are two whole different things. Romance is about love and crying and sometimes death. Comedy is about laughing and funny scenes they laugh and cry.

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