Racing in the Rain

Ahead - If you are thinking in the moment you are behind. In order to say ahead, you first have to think ahead.
Boisterous- Dennys attorney Mark Fein was very Boisterous and bold. His very energetic and cant stop me attitude was what gave him an edge in court.
Call- Denny got a call about going to Italy and driving Ferraris. When Denny was arrested he told them to call his lawyers.
Denny - Great at racing but an even better dad. He will stop at nothing to make ends meet for his daughter Zoe.
Enzo - Mans best friend in a dogs body. Enzo likes being a dog but is frustrated when he can't communicate his feelings as a dog, and frequently talks about coming back as a human.
Fear- Eve is scared of going to the doctor. She ended up dying, arguably, because she never got it checked out until the end. Nevertheless the twins blamed Denny for not Getting her to the doctor.
Guestures - Enzo is a dog, and cannot speak. Therefore Guestures are all he has. Throughout the book Enzo is still able to convey his thinking to Denny through Guestures.
Hands - You can tell a lot about a racer through his hands. If you are stiff and uptight you will crash, but if you are loose relaxed and thinking ahead you will be in it for the long run. Much of this can be said about life.
Illness- Eves illness was devastating. It tore the family apart, and cost Denny, Enzo, and Zoe years of their life. If only she was checked out earlier.
Journey- Denny used his driving experience to take on the journey of getting Zoe back. It was a long journey but he waited it out and ultimately came out on top.
Karma- Enzo believes karma is his friend. He believes that something bad will happen to the twins because of what the have done to Denny. He tells his friend "karma" to give the twins bad dreams.
Lawyer- Denny needs a lawyer to regain custody of his daughter Zoe. After his first lawyer Mark Fien get to expensive, Denny gets a new one named Mr. Lawrence.
Maxwell- Maxwell is Eves Dane and Zoe's grandfather. He is adamant that he can do a better job raising Zoe, and often says he wasn't good to Eve and blames him for her death.
Never- Never remember, because to remember is to leave the past. Denny never stoped fighting for Zoe.
Offer- The twins offered to take Zoe, claiming that they could raise her better than Denny could. Denny refused and stopped at nothing to keep Zoe.
Panick- When racing you cannot panick. Denny knows this and doesn't panick while regaining custody of Zoe. He stays calm and wins.
Qualified- The twins believe that Denny is not qualified to be Zoe's father. He in fact is a great father and will do anything for her.
Respect- After Denny refused to hand over Zoe to the twins, they lost respect for him. After he kept fighting to keep Zoe, he earned back trish's respect.
Spangle- Enzo was born in spangle. He often referres to running in the fields when he is happy.
Turns - No race has been won in the first turn, but manny have been lost there. Denny didn't try to overtake the twins in the first turn. He stayed back and watched them crash, before he overtook them and won custody of Zoe.
United- At the beginning of the book everyone was United. Towards the middle of the book no one was United, but at the end it all worked out and Zoe, Denny, and Enzo were United.
Vacation- Denny and Zoe took a vacation to the mountains. During their vacation Zoe got frostbite and they were almost stuck in the mountains. This was used against Denny court.
Win- After all of the blood sweat and tears put into getting back Zoe, it was awesome to finally have won back custody. The same could not be said for the twins.
X-Ray- Enzo needed an x-ray when he was hit by the car. They also had to x-ray Eves brain after her accident.
Yelling- Early in the book Denny and Eve yell when Zoe won't eat her food. Later in the book the twins and Denny yell while dessusing why Zoe should be with them.
Zebra- Throughout the book a zebra was a sign of evil. Enzo soon realizes that the zebra isn't just around us it's inside us.


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