WHO AM I Porter kinney 1a

Table of Contents

  • Idaho
  • CWI 2 years / BSU 2 years
  • Classes
  • Plan after college

Before research

  • Learn things if I put in the work
  • Know when to focus or goof off
  • Lose task when people constantly interrupt me
  • Go to College
  • Start a business or do their numbers

CIS data

  • Figure problems out in my head
  • See things happen in person to learn eveything
  • Look at everything as a lesson, never fail always learn
  • Study numbers, people, learn how things work

What Interest me

  • Studying investments, yearly / monthly income
  • Manufacturing / Law
  • Architecture
  • Construction

Required Schooling

  • Bachelor degree
  • Business & management
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Finance


  • CWI two years
  • BSU two years
  • Take Generals at CWI / few intro classes
  • Graduate from CWI
  • Start BSU , Take more in depth classes
  • Along the way slowly start building my business

Yearly income if one plan works

  • Business man = $50,000 a year or more
  • Accountant = $67,000 + depending on company size
  • Finance job = $61,000 or $100,000 depends on client's
  • Own business = Depends on how much work i put in = 100k plus is my goal

Companies id work with or for

  • My own
  • Walmart
  • Google
  • Red-bull / action sports

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