Pricing guide 2021/2022

The Packages

The Love Story - £1750 GBP
  • Consultation via Skype/FaceTime / face-to-face meeting.
  • Preparations two/three hours prior to the ceremony.
  • Morning Prep, Ceremony, Reception, Groups, Couples portraits, Speeches, Details, First Dance and I always stay on to get some shots before it all gets to that stage where it’s all a little messy and no one wants anymore pictures taking...
  • Minimum of 400 digitally edited images in your own online portal which you can download and share with family.
  • UK Travel upto 100 miles (above is charged at 0.45 per mile)

For a limited time only I will also be including a Pre-Wedding / Engagement shoot in The Love Story Packages

The Full Story - £2250

This includes everything from The Love Story Package PLUS:

  • Choice of Pre or Post Wedding Shoot
  • Wedding Album - 10 Spreads at (10x10 size)
  • Wedding Thank You Cards - To send to guests post wedding
  • Second Shooter (up and coming)
Hour by Hour - £250 per hour (Min. 3 hours)
  • Consultation via Skype/FaceTime / face-to-face meeting
  • Flexibility to choose when I start and when I finish
  • Online gallery with a minimum of 200 digitally edited images which you can download and share with family
  • Travel expenses are not included with this package and will be charged out at 0.45 per mile

A little about me...

Husband, father, purveyor of only the best puns, tequila drinker . . . in the business of capturing moments and creating memories.

Wanna know more about me before you let me loose wielding a camera at your wedding? Lets do it using bullet points . . .

  • I'm recent married myself (Aug 2019) so I know all about the planning... (When I say I . . . I mean my wife Hannah, I planned 5% of it and I'm lead to believe 3% of that was incorrect!)
  • I have a history degree . . . why you ask? I ask myself the same question too.
  • I have an incredibly sweet tooth and for that matter a savoury tooth too... (the way to my heart is 100% through my stomach, Hannah knew this and lured me in with lasagna)
  • I'm a tequila man, which means people actively refuse to come to the bar with me as they know they'll end up drinking Juan with me... (I also live for terrible puns)
  • Shhhhh.... don't tell anyone but I am partial to a good romcom, maybe this is why I like weddings.
  • I made a little person (Hannah also somewhat contributed)... when I'm not behind the camera, I'm often found chasing him around the house.
  • As a family, we travel a lot. Call us mad but we drag Milo all over the world, he's clocking up his air miles . . . and yes sometimes when he's running up and down the aisle on the plane we look at each other and immediately regret it!
  • I'm happiest when I'm outdoors. Give me a day at Formby beach over a boxset marathon any day!
Throughout my time as a photographer, I’ve had the pleasure of being part of weddings both within the UK and across the world. Rather than simply take some images of your wedding, I prefer to tell a story of how your unique day unfolds.

Each and every wedding I’ve been part of, whether thats as a photographer or as just a guest are one of a kind. My approach to capturing these truly unique moments, for the large part, I tend to spend most of the day in the background and you'll never catch me tapping you on the shoulder and asking you to “say cheese.” As a result, the images are always less staged and more relaxed and natural.

I've always been a huge believer in having a good personality fit with my couples. I actually feel its one of the most important elements of wedding photography. It's a strange concept to think that other than your partner, your photographer is probably be the person around you the most so making sure you like whoever is behind the camera as well as the images they produce, is crucial.

I've always advised my couples, never book a photographer based on their images alone, get to know them and if having a chat over a coffee makes you feel like you've dragged your knuckles down a brick wall, imagine what it'd be like to have them around you all day on the best day of your life.

Sound like we'd click... see what I did there? I warned you about the bad puns already!

The Additional Extras

The other little bits to consider . . .
  • Second Shooter - £150 / £300 (Up and Coming / Established)
  • Pre-wedding shoot - £250 (Plus travel costs at 0.45 per mile)
  • Post-wedding shoot - £250 (Plus travel costs at 0.45 per mile)
  • Bespoke Albums (Couple / mum & dad / grandparent collections) - Price on request (starting from £250)
  • Thank you cards designing to send to guests post wedding Price dependent on quantities and finish required (starting from £150)
  • Instagram Highlight - £100 - Curated social content for your stories to showcase your wedding in stylish modern format.

The only time I really offer any direction is during the 20-30 minutes I spend with just you and your partner getting some couple portrait shots. Commonly after the ceremony has concluded I like to give you the chance to get away from the wedding party (for the first time as husband and wife) and just have a few moments together with each other.

I’ll grab a couple of candid shots as you spend these first moments together and then look to get a couple of informal shots of the two of you. My job is to make you both feel as comfortable as possible and the more at ease you both are, the more natural the photos will be (and the more likely they will end up on the wall at home.)

Not all group shots are created equal

Let's be brutally honest, nobody likes standing in a line and being asked to smile, I know I don’t! Let’s draw out the personalities of those closest to you and create group shots that everyone loves. I'd rather the images be fun and look like I'm pointing a camera at you rather than a rifle!

Pre Wedding Shoots

It’s always great to get to know each other before the wedding.

Pre wedding shoots give us the perfect opportunity to get to know each other a little better before the big day comes around. It allows you both to understand a little more about how I work and allows you to become a little more comfortable in front of the camera (if like most couples you don’t really enjoy having your photo taken!) so that when your wedding day comes around you feel completely at ease with having me around you.

Remember (... and this is a strange concept) but other than each other, your photographer is probably the person you’ll spend the most amount of time with on your day. I always encourage my couples to make sure they pick someone who can obviously deliver the images that they love but also that they like having around them. It’s such a huge part of wedding photography which is sometimes forgotten when choosing your photographer.

In terms of the pre-shoot itself, I normally advise to pick somewhere which is special to you both (maybe where you proposed), somewhere you might go walking or spent time together. I’ve shot from mountain walks in the Lake District to shooting in the local coffee shop around the corner from my couples house, it should really reflect you as a couple. The alternative is that if you have selected somewhere in the countryside to get married, some couples want to flip that on it’s head and shoot in an urban environment to get some really authentic images which will be totally different from what they’ll get from their wedding day.

Destination Weddings

Going International? I come in travel size too ...pack me up and take me with you!

I’d say the only thing I love as much as capturing people’s weddings is travelling to new places (oh... and my family too!) I’ve been extemely fortunate with this job that it’s allowed me to travel the world as far as Italy, Morocco and even Australia to capture the happiest day’s of peoples lives.

I get it, it’s not always economical to do so and you may well want to have someone who is based over in that country but I genuinely love the opportunity to work and shoot in new environments. Every destinaiton wedding package is completely tailored to fit in with the requirements of the coupels I work with. Got welcome drinks the night before? Got a kick ass pool party the next day? Let me know and I can cover not just the wedding day but the days around it too.

I got married abroad (at a little beach bar in Holland) and I have to admit that I enjoyed the days before and after the wedding just as much as the wedding day itself. It’s one of the only times you’ll manage to get everyone you love together abroad for a prolonged period. Take advantage, maximise the coverage and make it a trip everyone remembers.

Please do get in touch if you are planning a destination wedding and let me know all about it and I can create a package bespoke to your individual needs.

Let's talk delivery options

Call me old fashioned . . . but I still believe that a photo isn’t actually a photo unless it’s printed. This is why each of the couples I work with I provide with a print gift. Whether that’s a framed print or a wooden keepsake box it’s just a little reminder that photos did exist outside of a social media feed.

Every couple I work with recieves a personalised Online Gallery where you can download your images and share it with family and friends. Prints can be ordered directly from this gallery if desired but there are no additional charges for downloading and printing the images yourself.

Want to know if I'm available for your wedding? Click below to send me a bit more information.
Hope to hear from you soon. Adam, Hannah and Milo x
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Adam Hudson