My Dog, Lucky By: Levi gallmeyer

My dog Lucky loved to play catch at the beach. He would always be playful.

Lucky loved to hunt. He would always get some by him self.
He loved music

He loved to listen to music with me. When ever he would go to bed with me, he wants listen to some calming music.

He loved car rides.

If anyone went anywhere he would run to the door and jump into the car.

He would always beg.

Every time anyone would eat he is by your feet.

What is the purpose of creating ofrendas for deceased loved ones? They make them for people who have died. People make them for there loved ones or pets.

What sort of items would you typically find on a traditional ofrenda? Flowers, pitchers, stuff they like, and decorations.

What do you do now that is similar to what people in Mexico and other parts of the world do during El Día de Los Muertos? They make ofrendas and they all celebrate and remember loved ones that have died.

How has learning about El Día de Los Muertos affected how you think about honoring your deceased loved ones or how you might honor them in the future? You will remember them more and all the good things you did.


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