Marilyn's Photos ARTIST Statement: My photos try and reflect the little things in life, and the beauty and fun in it all. The beauty of the world influences me.

My top 5 favorite photos of my work

This is my top favorite photo of my work. I wanted to create an aura of the Eastern mystics. There is heavy red tones in this photo, is gives us a great a sense of warmth and happiness, thus bringing feelings of serenity. I used the Samsung Galaxy s7. The shutter speed, ISO, and focal length are not applicable.
This is one of my first attempts at making a successful rule of thirds photo. I like how the background is a lot of plants and beautiful foliage, with the sun setting, creating a relaxing, dimming feeling. The aperture is 5.6, the shutter speed is 1/80, and the ISO is 100.
This was my final photo for leading lines. I love the way the sidewalk curves, and you can tell the journey is going to be to somewhere pretty, relaxing, and warm. The aperture is 5.6, the shutter speed is 1/60, and the ISO is 100
This was one of my rule of third photos,. I like the way it captures the architecture of the roof, and right next to the tree. The nature in the background is sets a calm mood, and there is a little glimmer of the sun setting from the upper right corner. The aperture is 5.6, the shutter speed is 1/30, and the ISO is 100.
This was my practice cover album photo. My message is speaking about the Flint water crisis, in Flint Michigan. I was trying to speak out about how the EPA knew about the crisis going on, but not much government aid has come to Flint, nor fix the piping the caused the problem. Flint's water supply is not safe to drink, and it is an infringement on a person's right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The aperture is 5.6, the shutter speed is 1/80, and the ISO is 100

See my slideshow to my famous PHOTOGRAPHER here:

My Attempt at doing what Steve mccurry been doing:

My first multi-image photo:

My free writes to start up my multi image thinking - Poem one:

The past,

If there was a woman of the allegory of the cave I was her.

Wondering what was out there, but afraid, and exposed.


If there was Icarus who was a female, I would be she,

But of course, more wise.

Was lost, but now I’m found.

Flying high saying bye to the last wing.

Soaring but falling,

Fresh air always hitting my face.

Poem two

Dark blue, washed over my soul.

A midnight blue, not yet the darkest black,

But once was.

Through all, I felt peace.

Steady, like a boat anchored safely where the crew could sleep.

Rocky, constantly moving emotions like the ocean with a

Mysterious beauty that was daunting but could not be approached.

Like a new planet, feeling grounded but with constant explosions of quakes and volcanos.

As Earth grew, I too grew.

Flourished with beautiful wildflowers, swaying

Letting nature be nature.




Enters and flows through me

My first rule of thirds photo:

P.S. - this was my first photo ASSIGNMENT!

My most recent photo - on the topic of Album cover!

Things I noticed between my first, ever photo, and my most recent:(4)

  • I have increased my abilities on exposure
  • I have a better use of editing to give off a mood to the viewer by color
  • The focus, and detail have increased from my most recent photo compared to my first photo
  • I have a better ability on making the subject in focus, and the background a little more blurred to make the subject stand out more.

Ways my photography has improved:

I have improved in the way I edit my photos. I love how the lighting, contrast, and tone all create a more unique and stunning photo.

I am more confident in taking photos!

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Marilyn Reyes


Photos taken by Marilyn C. Reyes

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