My short/long term Future Bryce widlund

At the age of 16, On May 5th I was hired as an in-store employee of Papa Johns. in almost 2 years of working as an in-store i was finally trained to be manager/shift leader. This job is not my future career but it is my first job and i am good at what i do. I do have a short term future with them since i have been with them for 2 years and would like to continue for another year.

this isn't me


always tip delivery drivers

My short term future is Delivery Driving.

As soon as i turn 18 i do plan to be trained as a delivery driver so that way i will be "crossed trained" which means a bigger wage for me. Ever since i have become manager and seen how much drivers make on a slow and/or busy day in tips, i knew it was my turn when i became 18. Of course there is a down side to to it, which is a million dishes but the money will be worth it. When i do start delivering, i will be putting all my tips i earn aside for saving. Many drivers at my store tell me they live off there tips and just put their check away for saving and both ways are great ways to start saving.

After graduation, my plan is to take a full year off for myself, not only to save some money but to also figure out my set in-stone future plans. I have a good idea on what i would like to be doing but things can always change within the years. My all time interests are cars/trucks so i know for sure i will be going into the line of auto/diesel mechanics ,i just have to find out where and when.

At Airport Chevrolet, my brother has been a lube tech for about a year and a half. He has been wanting me to work with him, doing oil changes, fluid flushes, tire rotations, and mount and balance tires as well. I would love to work here when i turn 18 but the only thing is i would have to wait till i am out of school since it will be a full time job. I think having this job will lead me through the path i want to go, opening up more opportunities for me in the later years.

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