Reflective Journal Week 3

This week I have felt very identify with our discussions, lectures, and videos. My experience these past 10 years with an international community of students has been very interesting. First, I am the international student, who brought a different culture, and who native language is not English.

In this globalized society, you can be an international student wherever you want.

I am posting a video of an international student in Australia. It is interesting what she said about her experiences and fears as an international student. Caught my attention the fact that she said that Australia is English speaking country and she associated their language with their race when she said it is a country of white people, I believe she is wrong about that, obviously, she doesn't know the culture of that country or any other country where English is the official language. Besides that, her comments are very closed of any other international student experiences.

Another video I really enjoyed was the one from Northern Arizona University posted for our instructor. They know how to welcome an international community of students explaining in this video what they are and what they offer. Obviously, it works because they have students about 64 different countries. The video about "Tips for International Students" was also interesting, I liked when the interviewer says that international students can be worried but not intimidated by the society. International students should come here prepared and should know very well their culture and use common sense living here, including small towns or big cities.

Administrators, faculty, staff, and students can work together to welcoming international students.

My experience as an international student has been grateful and every day comes full of new experiences and learning. People, books, videos, tv, social media are excellent tools to learn about the new country, the new society, the new world where an international student could get involve or just could go away. In my case, I am not only committed and involved but also in love and identify with this my new country, The United States of America.

Sandra Quintero


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