IDIOT BOX ART media kit 2021

Modern Pop Art on Wood

Artist duo Emily and Tamara known as "Idiot Box Art" began creating art together in 2014. They bring images from pop culture to life with wood, bright colors and heavy gloss. Idiot Box Art works have been collected by Canadian singer-song writer Justin Bieber and Hip Hop artist Chief Keef.

Idiot Box Art lives and works in West Hollywood, CA

"Idiot Box Art" with Justin Bieber, "Drew House" commissions.
They say "do what you love and never work again." That's a lie, success takes so much damn work. Learn to love it.

Behind the works

Inspired by pop culture and large sculptures. Bright and fun with hints of sarcasm and irony


"Justin Bieber, check out my cartoon crib."
Inside Justin Biebers Haunted Mansion
Justin Bieber decks out mansion in cartoon art
Kanye West Album Tribute Original Painting and Pac-Man. Appropriating pop culture icons.
Drew House Logo personally commissioned by Justin Bieber via Instagram
"We love to make ourselves laugh, and at the same time prove that we can create anything. Like what if?"
"Stuffed" and "Gimmie The Loot Ghost" Hand-crafted on wood, painted with acrylic, finished with resin.
"Hot dog!" It's A Coffee Table
"Have A Nice Day" and "Verified Badge"
"Cartoons raised me."
"Gucci Bart" and "Cynthia" inspired by 90's pop culture. Each hand-crafted on wood, painted with acrylic and finished with a heavy resin.
Idiot Box Art at DesignerCon 2018

Noteworthy Collections

Justin Bieber , Los Angeles, CA

Idiot Box Art collector Justin Bieber

Chief Keef Collection, Los Angeles, CA

Idiot Box Art collector Chief Keef

Kira Lee Orsag Collection

Roy Purdy Collection, West Hollywood, CA

Dytto Collection Los Angeles, CA

Jimmy O Yang Collection, West Hollywood, CA

Leonard Blavatnik Collection, New York, NY

Mark Verge Collection, Los Angeles, CA

Konstantin Rubinov Collection, New York, NY

DJ Damage Collection, Los Angeles, CA

Malcolm Brown Collection, Los Angeles, CA

Justin "JC" Caylen Collection, Los Angeles, CA


© Copyright 2014-2020 Idiot Box Art. All Rights Reserved.


© Copyright 2014-2020 Idiot Box Art. All Rights Reserved.