Walk among Gators Oh the places you'll go.

UF is a hectic and diverse environment that will leave even the most experienced visitor in a daze every once in a while. Hopefully, after reading this, you will have a better understanding of some of the unique places that you will hopefully call home.

Pascal's Coffeehouse

The clock has just hit 8:00 AM.

Morning Gators! Have an 8:30? Woke up hungover? Generally lack energy or commitment for 15 credits? Pascal's Coffeehouse is located right behind University, across from University of Florida's off-campus building. For its prime location, relaxed environment, and homey decor, Pascal's Coffeehouse is the perfect place to start your day. It is an environment that will surely bring a positive start to your day. With a cheap cup of coffee and a rather quiet surrounding, this stop should be one of the more enjoyable of the day. Now get to class!

Weimer Hall

The clock has just hit 11:30 AM.

Class is out, studying is overdue, enthusiasm ensues, but what to do? There is a lot of unique areas where students can take a second from their day to just enjoy their surroundings. Our journey brings us through Weimer Hall, smack in the middle of campus. This place is not only great because of its central location, but its beautiful architectural elements. The collaboration of artwork, technology, and informal class environment will temporarily transport you to a serene place where you won't lose too much focus. This area is a great spot in between classes to relax your body without having to calm your mind extensively.

J. Wayne Reitz Union

The clock has just hit 1:30 PM.

You don't think all you got by paying $6,381 or $28, 658 was a bed that's probably been used over 20 times, did you?! Go check out the newly renovated (new, if you consider its end construction date) J. Wayne Reitz Union. Grab a bite while sitting inside charging any or all devices. Reitz Union has a variety of places to dine, including Panda Express, Pollo Tropical, Starbucks, and Wendy's. There are also always a lot of cool events happening in this area, so be on the lookout in between bites. Along with the traditional services provided, the new renovations brought forth a game-room and even a couple bowling lanes. Strike!

(this photo was taken by Lynn Palmer)

Baughman Center

The clock has just hit 3:30 PM.

What a day it has been. We've been virtually all around campus as we make our way down to the southern border of campus. You could take the rest of your day to burn a little more calories at Southwest, but what reasonable human wants to wait 10+ minutes for a machine. A nice walk around Lake Alice until you reach the Baughman Center should be the perfect ending to this story. This area is open to the public most days, and is the perfect place to contemplate the good or bad decisions of the day. Sit down, relax, and look out at that beautiful Lake Alice view.


The destinations visited today are only a few of the hidden gems University of Florida's campus has to offer. Explore your environment, get to know your community, and you will find more purpose in your life than you can imagine. You are part of the Gator family now, welcome home.
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