The Teacher's Blues

As a high schooler, Community High School science teacher Liz Stern was not into fashion. She followed some trends, like wearing overalls and bell-bottom jeans, but for the most part, Stern was blissfully ignorant to the clothing scene. Even as she went into teaching, she did not overthink her work uniform. Over time, as Stern started to accrue more money and maturity, she started to experiment with her style.

Being a teacher allows Stern to have some flexibility with what she wears. She loves wearing bright colors — especially blue, which matches her eyes — while maintaining a professional, put-together aesthetic.

“I do have a kind of a philosophy that we are all here in each other’s scope and that one of the things that we can do to make each other more comfortable is to present ourselves in a way that is attractive and pleasing as much as we can,” Stern said.

Above, Stern wears a thick blue sweater from Anthropologie — one of Stern’s favorite stores — along with blue skinny jeans, blue striped socks and auburn shoes that complement Stern’s hair.

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Sacha Verlon


Sacha Verlon

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