Thomas Jefferson By: Zach Cavagnaro

Jefferson's goal was to limit the power of the government. During his election, the 12th amendment was made. It had used to be where 2 people from each party ran. The problem was, Jefferson and Burr were tied, and it took until the 36th vote to check the Jefferson won. The twelfth amendment stated that Vice Presidents will have a different ballot. During Marbury vs. Madison, Jefferson said Mabury's case was unconstitutional. In 1803, Jefferson selected Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to explore the Louisiana Purchase, which was just purchased from France for $15 million, as well as to the Pacific Ocean. After Britain attacked U.S. Sailors, Jefferson passed the Embargo act, banning all trade with foreign countries, which was replaced in 1809 with the Non-Intercourse Act, banning trade only with Britain, France, and their colonies.

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