Project #10 "Using gears" Anthony phan

Description of Project

In the course of this project, we are trying to make our robot pull as much weight as possible using gears. We start by researching gears, learning about how gears work, and put that knowledge into building a robot with gears. I wasn't here for the first day of this project, so when i got started, it was insanely confusing. I was only able to pull the metal tray and 2 books.

Picture of Robot

Picture of program

Video of robot


Issues and adjustments

  • First mistake: the gears were not stable, so they wouldn't move on the ground. I added another 15 long Lego piece on both side to keep the gears in place, and added a long axle on the bottom of my robot, so it support the robot's heavy weight.
  • Second mistake: I used a even number of wheels, so two of my wheels where going in the opposite direction as the other 2 wheels. Added 8-teeth gear to both sides to create a odd number of gears so the wheels will both the same direction.
  • Adjustment 1 : removed the long axle on the bottom of the robot and connected the two back wheels with another axle and some connectors. This helps the robot stay at a steady level.
  • Adjustment 2: added the long axle at the bottom again, and I still kept the axle connecting the two back wheels. I'm adding back the axle, because apparently it will pull more if I put the hook on the axle. The robot pulls more weight with a hook being on the bottom.
  • Adjustment 3: I Added other long axle on the bottom to add more support the robot.
  • Adjustment 4: took away the axle connecting the two back wheels, because it made the robot move slower.

What I Learned

  • I learned about gears and how they function.
  • I learned that you need a odd number of gears for your wheels to move the same direction.
  • I learned a new build style with gears.
  • I learned how to use new Lego pieces.
  • i learned all the different types of gears the Lego box had.
  • I learned that the robot needs more weight, so it doesn't jerk while moving.
  • I learned that having the metal tray hooked somewhere in the lower area of the robot will help it move more efficient.


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