DJ Slim ft Nadai Nakai music video treatment

Music video is a no performance narrative video shot cinematically in high res quality footage and stylistic slow motion shots about money, power and betrayal. Using non linear editing the video cuts between the two scenarios with stylistic transitions of using objects, camera angles(movement) and props to transition from one scenario to the other

Music video opens with Nadia Nakai walking through the hood and notices somebody picking up a stick. Then we cut to a bando with a gang lifting iron, playing dice, drinking and standing guard around a nice car.

She walks into the yard with the car and the mob pulls out guns on her when she kindly asks to speak to their boss. Camera follows the gang member in a sequence shot walking into the hood house, Where Inside the kitchen we get a cutaway of men eating skop and drinking champaign. And on the lounge two girls and a grandma are watching the Panda Mo video on the television screen, and when he opens the other door we reveal Dj Slim sitting in his presidential office

Where he tells him there is somebody who came to see him. They go outside to meet her

Then we cut to Slim in the club with a party going on as we see b-roll of champaign and club living dynamics, when Slim passes one of his boys a bottle we transition to Nadia Nakai catching a gun from one of her squad as they prepare their guns and making their way to the club to rob Slim and his gang

B-Roll shots of the club scene and Nadia and her gang on their way to Rob Slim in the club

When a man falls on the ground because of a gunshot we transition to Nadia Nakai and her squad picking up the money and throwing it in the air celebrating their victory in their safe house. And we transition to Slim's gang preparing to go get their money back.

Music video ends with Dj Slim's gang busting into the door of Nadia's safe house holding up their guns to her gang. Nadia comes from behind her gang picks up the money bags and go stands behind Slim who pulls out his gun to her squad.

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