Internet Scams PSA

Online scams are steadily becoming more and more common. Sometimes it is very hard to avoid these scams because you put all your trust in someone, but they end up being a scammer. The moral of this PSA is to inform you on how to stay safe online, and not fall for the scams that a lot of people in every country fall for.

The most amount of money lost in all internet scams on line is in the romance category. Roughly $25 million dollars was lost on average in just 2016.
This age graph shows the common ages of people who are more likely to fall for the scams. The most common age for getting scammed and losing money is obviously the older ages. Most older people are very vulnerable to falling for tricks because they are usually retired and a little bit more lenient with their money. If you do not know what the company is about, no matter what age you shouldn't give your money in it.
I personally have never come into contact with internet scams, but I have family memebers who have. I remember not to long ago my Grandmother and Grandfather had fallen for a scam where they got a call very early in the mornign stating that my brother had gotten into a car crash, and he needed their help. They even asked the person acting as my brother personal information
Studies show that you are 20% more likely to get robbed by a criminal overseas than you are to be ribbed in the streets.
the four most common types of internet fraud is phishing ( this is aimed to people who give out their credit card number or information associated with it), identity theft, hacking, and online harassment.


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