Team Kingsfold In a "Race to Alaska Edition" modified Stevenson Weekender sailboat

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The Sailboat

The line drawings show the stock design. Kingsfold follows the colored shapes.

Modifications made specifically with the R2AK in mind:

  • Added a crown to the deck amidships
  • Applied fiberglass to the inside surfaces of the hull bottom, sides, and transom, and all outside plywood surfaces
  • Built a hollow mast, sealed to float in the event of a capsize; installed additional flotation at the top of the mast
  • Changed the cockpit structure to be self-draining (by raising the floor and cutting an opening in the transom)
  • Drilled scuppers in the toe rails amidships
  • Enlarged the openings in the cabin bulkhead to accommodate quarter berths extending under the cockpit seats
  • Extended the coamings to the back of the cockpit, increasing the freeboard there
  • Filleted the hull panel seams
  • Gave the cockpit seat fronts parallel edges for Gig Harbor Boat Works' sliding seat rowing hardware
  • Installed four-inch-thick foam flotation under the deck surface
  • Lifted the cabin roof one inch
  • Made the forward hold water-tight
  • Mounted a boarding ladder to the transom
  • Raised the aft sheer
  • Replaced the bulk of the stock keel with a ballasted fin keel (including bottom plate) and reduced stem
  • Sealed the seat backs for additional flotation
  • Supported the bowsprit with a bobstay and whisker shrouds
  • Used a barn door rudder instead of the stock kick-up design
  • Widened the aft end by four inches

Follow the boat's history here: http://kingsfoldsailboat.blogspot.com/

The Sailors

Ed & I at R2AK Racer Registration in Port Townsend on June 7, 2017. We made it there, but Kingsfold was a DNS (Did Not Start). Lots more construction remained to be completed. We have a great chance of updating this photo at the 2020 R2AK.

Gil Bahnsen

"When I wore a younger man's clothes..."

Why I Am Racing

Maybe it was the ride in a trimaran on that lake in Salem, Oregon when I was little. Maybe it was the swimming lessons I enjoyed so much that summer way back when. Maybe it was the backpacking trips with the church youth group. For sure it was crewing on Frog's Leap, a 27' Island Packet sailboat, that infected me with the sailing bug.

But between the "maybes" and the "for sure," while I was a boy entering puberty, I received unwanted and abusive sexual experiences that negatively altered my life thereafter in ways I am only now, as a grown man in my fifties, beginning to understand. Statistically, I share these scars from Adverse Childhood Experiences with 1/6th of all males.

My first emotional wounds came from physical abuse and then abandonment by my dad when I was only a few years old. Lacking a loving father made me easy pickings for the convicted pedophile who was given a leadership position in the church youth group I belonged to in my early teens. Subsequent scars resulted from his unwanted attentions.

This isn’t the place for names of people and organizations. But I was a boy, in a youth group, who was sexually abused. Lots of boys know what I am talking about, no matter what their age is today. Each one of our stories is unique, but they share enough that we can still relate to each other. Having a fellow to talk to about what happened contributes to healing the wounds we carry.

I am finding help in several places. Online at the website links below is one of them. Building my sailboat to compete in the Race to Alaska is another, I think. Especially as the Race provides me an opportunity to share some good stuff with others.

So now I get to exercise my sailing bug and accomplish positive outcomes for all of us.

The Websites

If you are a man who had unwanted or abusive sexual experiences as a boy, check out MaleSurvivor.org and 1in6.org.

1 in 6

  • Get useful information
  • Chat one-on-one with a trained advocate (available around the clock)
  • Participate in an online, anonymous support group facilitated by a professional counselor (meets two days a week)

Male Survivor

  • Helpful information
  • Calendar for 3-Day Weekends of Recovery held throughout the US & Canada
  • Online forums
  • Resource directories

Ed Heyman

"Here is where it all started, in Hawaii 1974. I'm the one with the life jacket on."
"Alaska bound!"