a wacky summer made by luca pierre

This story starts in a little town called Houma in kansas, there is the place that will start it all.

At the time joe paulus had just moved there and he hadn't made any friends yet. He often went to the sandlot after school to watch the pro’s play, but he always wished to be apart of all their fun and mischief.

Then he met carter Deton, that was the turning point of the summer with no friends, they played together every since then.

Before they met carter used to live in minnesota, but he recently moved to kansas.

After carter and joe were playing together, carter was getting meaner and meaner, “go get the ball!” he said. “Go away but sniffer!”

At this point, joe was having enough of the mean name calling.

“Stop calling me names carter” he said, “and what if i don't?” carter said back, “then i won't play with you any more!” joe snapped “ok then, then were friends no more!” carter then hit joe in the face, that soon started into all out brawl

When the two little boys met back in the principal's office, they had a different respect for eachother than they have ever had before, they weren’t friends anymore, they were more than any friends.

Carter and Joe

Ever since that day the two boy couldn’t be separated, they played together every time they could. They were two peas in a pod.

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