Stock Identification

What is Stock ?

Stock is a liquid created by the gentle simmer of bones and or vegetables in order to create flavor. Stocks are used as the building blocks for chefs when preparing things such as soups and sauces. The preparation of stocks mostly involves a major flavoring ingredient, a liquid, mirepoix, and aromatics.

White Stock

White stock is a see through and or colorless liquid created through the simmering of foods such as chicken, beef, poultry, and or fish bones without colored seasoning. White stock is often used in white sauces.

Brown Stock

Brown stock is a liquid that is made from simmering beef, poultry, games bones, and or a mixture of meats. The color of brown stock ranges in between gold and orange.


Fumet is a type of stock made from using flavoring from fish bones. Fumet is similar to fish stock.

Court Bouillon

Court Bouillon is a vegetable broth that can be made through the use of wine or vinegar. Court bouillon is created through the poaching of fish or vegetables. Most of the time court bouillon is used in fish dishes.


Glace is a stock with a jelly-like consistency that can be created from fish stock, brown stock, or chicken stock.


Remouillage stock consists of reusing bones from an already prepared stock thus creating a weaker stock that is sometimes used as water to reduce a glace.


Bouillon is referred to as broth and it is the result of the simmering of meats or vegetables.


Jus is a stock that has been reduced and is used as a sauce for roasted meats.

Vegetable Stock

Vegetable stock is made from mirepoix, turnips, and leeks. To add extra flavor or darken the color one can add tomatoes, garlic, and seasonings yet tomatoes must be strained leaving no skins or seeds within the stock. In this type of stock one may add a lot of a certain type of vegetable to make solely a stock of the vegetable selected.

The Importance of Stocks

I do believe stocks are an important part of cooking. I believe stocks are an important part of cooking because they add a rich flavor to many types of foods. I also believe stocks are an important part of cooking because they are the building blocks that open the door to creating many different sauces and soups.


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