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We're so thankful you chose to have your very own deluxe experience with us here at BMP. What an incredibly powerful moment this is, for many reasons. First, that your teen and senior will never be this age again and it often gets overlooked by terrible yearbook photos! Second, is that these are moments that will quickly pass and long after the soccer games and dance classes are over, you are going to want to remember these moments with your loved ones that lasts a lifetime worth of joy for exactly who they are as an individual! Our goal is simple, we want you to feel like the very best version of yourself possible for years to come and that begins with the full BMP experience from the very beginning until long after your session has ended!

I'm sure you're wondering at this point "well, how does this work?" This guide is going to walk you through EVERYTHING you can expect for the day of your session and how to get ready leading up to it! So, grab a cup of coffee or a soda and if you have any questions, shoot us a quick e-mail! We can't WAIT for your special day! <3

#1) Choosing Your Package!

While we have tons of options available to you, we think it's important you choose the package that you best see fit for your individual needs. Our team is one of the best in the business and world renowned for their teen and senior photography! We offer an experience unlike any other from full session styling to your delivered photos. So, leave it to the professionals! All session collections include the time and talent of the photographer as well as the items listed below in each collection! Prints and products will be available for purchase 1 week prior to your session during your custom reveal and order session!

Silver Collection- $150

1 Hour Session, 1 Location, 3 Outfit Changes, Custom Reveal & Order Session, Professional assistant the day of your session and Our exclusive Style Guide to help you plan out the best wardrobe possible!

Burgundy Collection -$250

1.5 hour session, 2 locations, 4 Outfit Changes, Mobile App, Custom reveal and order session, Professional assistant the day of your session and our style guide to help you plan out the best wardrobe possible! *This session comes with a separate spring cap & gown session to celebrate the graduate!*

Gold Collection - $350

2.5 hour session, 2 locations, 5 Outfit Changes, Mobile App, Professional Hair & Make-Up, Custom reveal and order session, Professional assistant the day of your session and our style guide to help you plan out the best wardrobe possible! *This session comes with a separate spring cap & gown session to celebrate the graduate!*

Black Label Collection - $750

5 hour session, 4 locations, 7-8 Outfit Changes, Mobile App, Professional Hair & Make-Up, 10 Low Resolution Watermarked Images for Social Media, Custom reveal and order session, Professional assistant the day of your session and our style guide to help you plan out the best wardrobe possible! *This session comes with a separate spring cap & gown session to celebrate the graduate!*


30 minute session, 1 Location, Cap & Gown Only and a Custom Reveal & Order Session!

#2) Styling Your Session!

This tends to be one of the most fun parts of your session- planning it! The session styling is 100% up to you and however you want it to be perceived. We are more then happy to help with locations and can suggest numerous beautiful spots all throughout California, Texas and Nevada! We have been doing this for many years and are pros when it comes down to posing you, getting you comfortable and helping you to ease into everything. However, a decision you'll make on your own is what you want to wear! We suggest during your session check-in the week prior to your photographs taking place, that you send us just a quick snap-shot of what you plan to wear! That way we can help style and coordinate if needed! Once we are on location, we will help you to achieve the look you want by suggesting a few different options with the items you have brought to your session! Don't forget things that make you truly and uniquely you... i.e cheer uniforms, basketballs, letterman jackets, etc.

#3) What To Expect The Day Of Your Session

Let's get this party started! First is first, you'll meet me at the location we have chosen for your photos about 10-15 minutes before your session time begins! Once you arrive looking like a total rockstar, we will get to shooting. I'll walk you through all of the poses (don't worry- I will totally hold your hand through all of it and even do them with you to show you how they're done). We'll shoot gorgeous photos, talk, laugh and have a day filled with memories. We will arrive with a Senior Crew assistant who is in charge of holding your things and keeping everything organized as we go!

#2) So... It's Over? Now What?

I'm telling you, this is an emotional journey filled with so many amazing memories. You're literally going to wish you were able to do it EVERY single day! However, there has to come an end to even the best moments in life. With that said, about 1 week following your session it will be time for your reveal and order session. This is where you get to see the very best photos from the day for the very first time. I'm telling you, bring on the kleenex, waterproof mascara and be ready for some seriously ugly cries. I'll be right there with you the entire time!

#3) Your Reveal & Order Session

Here's the fun part! Your reveal and order session is that once in a lifetime moment where for the first time since your session, you get to relive it all over again. That's always our hope, that every single time you look at your beautifully crafted photos, you will remember what a special day it was. We will go through every single edited photo *only the best make the cut!* and decide what photos make you want to dance, cry and jump up and down! From there, you will have tons of options to choose from as far as heirloom albums, beautifully hand-blown glass boxes, wall arts, loose-leaf prints and so much more!

Ordering the products you want is simple and easy. There are two options available to you! You can pay in full by check, cash or debit/credit card and receive your prints within one week after our reveal and order session OR you have the option to make payments on your products and receive your prints and products just one week after the last payment has been made. Our clients tend to think payments are best as they make everything in our collections 100% affordable!

I don't know about you, but I am so beyond ready for your incredible teen/senior experience! If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask! We want to make this the absolute best experience possible for you!

XOXO, Bethany

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