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I'm not only Certified (less than 1% of photographers), but I've earned all three national degrees many times over: Master, Craftsman, and Certification. I've also won the Gold Medal out of 25,000 international photographers. For you, this means that...

I'll make you look professional and great, and I come to you!

Bry Cox


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Your Headshot is Your Storefront. Look like a Million Bucks!

People make judgements based on the photos on your website. Everyone in your law firm or business office should look great, and the images when displayed together, should have an artistic and cohesive, professional look that matches the professional image you've worked hard to create.

Often people say that your website is your storefront, but really a website is only as good as the photos you use. When a website uses obvious stock photos instead of images of their business, it actually makes the business appear smaller, as if they're pretending to be a big player. And if your portraits and headshots online are a random hodgepodge of mismatched photos shot by photographers that don't understand custom portrait lighting on site, then your website and entire business appears cheap or small.

Sometimes in order to photograph everyone, we need to schedule different shoots on different days. Even still, I can match lighting and background tones so that all of your images have a very consistent and professional look when they're displayed together on your website.

The Winning Headshot Formula

A great and engaging headshot requires a number of things, and getting them all at once is difficult. That's why so many reputable businesses hire me. I can do it quickly – without the need of taking tons of photos in hopes of getting something that perhaps "can work" which just wears clients out. So what's needed?

  • Great lighting that sculpts and flatters you and makes your eyes and skin pop before retouching.
  • A relaxed and believable expression that is engaging to people.
  • Powerful body language, whether feminine or masculine.
  • The right camera angle for you, your chin, neck, and body.
  • A clean, crisp, commercial look.
  • Superb retouching that makes you look even better.

Instead, These Problems Are Sadly Too Common

  • Bad or average lighting that gives people dark eyes, muddy or salmon colored skin, or just makes people look heavy.
  • Photographers then try and "fix" these problems caused by bad lighting by "hiding" or "fixing" issues with software, filters, and bad retouching that become even more distracting.
  • Stiff, fake smiles that make you seem stiff in real life and therefore less approachable.
  • Bad color balance, often too blue. It's a sign that the photographer is using "natural light" and "auto" settings, instead of measuring lighting and color on scene.
  • Eyes out of focus, blurry images, faces that aren't tack sharp, and/or blurry skin from bad retouching.
  • Bad poses which shows the photographer didn't understand posing or body language. Hands and arms shoulders are awkward, distracting from the face.
  • Bad camera angle that adds weight to women or make men look smaller.
  • A website contact page full of homemade and mismatched photos. Each image with a combination of bad lighting, bad color, and mismatched backgrounds for an overall bad website design.
  • And many more problems that add up to sub-par headshots, making you and your business seem sub-par.

Your Clients & Prospects Should Think QUALITY

Your photo should say something to your prospective client about you and your business. People are constantly surfing the internet to quietly compare companies, products, and websites before they contact you or buy from you.

When they see your portrait, they should feel a sense of friendliness, and confidence in trusting you and doing business with you. A complete stranger that is looking at your photo should think, "I feel like I know that person, like them, and want to do business with them." They should think, "Quality."

Utah's #1 News Team Uses Bry Cox

KUTV 2 News, Utah's number 1 news team uses me for their portraits. And those images are used to promote their business on billboards, signs, busses, TV promotions, printed pieces, and more. They know that these headshots are their "storefront." It's what people use to make subconscious decisions on what news team they like, trust, and will watch.

Evening Team – KUTV 2 News
Morning Team – KUTV 2 News

Photo shoots for KUTV 2 News often include a variety of portrait options so that they're ready for any need. We do location shoots (in the newsroom, outside, and other various locations), as well as individual studio headshots on a commercial white background. Here are some of the more recognizable faces from KUTV 2 News on white.

A commercial white background is often the most used and needed type of headshot for businesses. But sometimes you need other options. For companies like KUTV 2 News, we'll also do individual headshots on location as well.

I Make It Easy. I Come to You

With a Complete Portable Studio & Lighting Setup

Your time is valuable. Instead of driving across town to the studio and back to work, I can come to you and save you and your staff time and money. All I need is some space in a conference room to set up a portable studio and lighting. Each employee only has to stop working for a few minutes to come down the hall for their individual portrait.

And your employees can check and view their images right there during their shoot on a tethered laptop to make sure they have a favorite image they love and are happy to use. If something is not right, we can re-shoot it right then.

If you're a law firm for example, the billable hours of sending you're entire team of lawyers to drive to my studio and back can be expensive. Having me come to you is cost-effective and fast.

Company Headshots Can Incorporate Your Location

Sometimes a clean white background is best. Other times using your location in the background can make the portrait even better. For this couple portrait of Utah's Governor and First Lady, we used the steps of the Capitol Building for a real and inviting look. And it ended up working great as their official Christmas card that year.

For the inside of the card, we did a panorama of their entire family created in the same location with similar lighting so that the images worked well together as a theme.

For Sonoran Hills Dentistry in Arizona, we used their entry area as a the background for their staff photo, as well as for their individual headshots.

Matching the background along with great lighting on each person, the images all look great together. Having a cohesive and professional look means the images can be displayed together either online or as printed images on the wall at the business.

This dental office also needed some panoramas of their entry way that could be used on their website. These kinds of images can be created at the same appointment as the headshots.

"But I'm Not Photogenic"

I get a lot of clients that tell me the reason they hired me is because they're not photogenic. They worry how they'll look and know I'll make them look great. I always tell people that it's not your job to be photogenic, it's my job to make you photogenic – and I know how to do it quickly too.

For a recent fundraiser, I did headshots of people in attendance. But being a fundraiser, each shoot was only 15-seconds long and included no retouching. Each person got only a quick 2-3 shots to pick from and a few seconds in front of the camera. But that's all I needed.

And the results are stunning. Here are some of the images and you can see that people look amazing, real, engaging. And it's all done quickly, on location, with custom lighting, and no retouching.

Of course your final headshots will be retouched, but it's good to know that I'll make you look great even before your final portrait is retouched.

Extensive Artwork and Design Can Be Included

Sometimes we need a look that requires more extensive Photoshop and design work, or we need to change backgrounds to match other images. That can all be included.

The musical group, Ryan Shupe and the RubberBand, needed both individual and group photos – but they were short on time, only 20 minutes for the shoot. Getting all of that in one shoot can be time consuming, especially for a band where the group shots are especially difficult to get everyone both having fun and interacting while also looking good.

To solve these problem I spent their quick 20 minute shoot photographing each band member separately. Then after they left during the production time, I created this blue background, snow, and overall toned effect and used that to create both individual as well as group marketing pieces from the same photos.

The same images for the individuals were used for the group photos for a variety of marketing pieces.

Business or Artsy?

For this beautiful and skilled acupuncturist, I wanted an inviting portrait on the front page of her website that said, "Needles may scare you, but you can trust me." But I also wanted some variety of looks that we could use elsewhere.

So we started with some engaging smiles with a clean commercial white background that matched her white website design. This was perfect for her opening page. We then changed up the lighting and production for some artsy options for other places on her site.

Magazine Images for a Designer & Artist

This designer and artist needed headshots for an upcoming magazine article on her and her business, but also photos for her website and promotion. To get the right artistic look, we incorporated her workspace and gallery location as the setting for her portraits.

And of course we photographed her staff with flattering and matching lighting in the same location so that her website would have a clean and cohesive artistic look that matches her high-end, professional image.

Using some other work areas, these images were perfect for the magazine article as well as larger spreads on her company website.

You notice how she looks in charge, but also artistic and approachable. From just these photos, she's someone you would want to hire and meet with for your design needs.



Call me directly and let's schedule your headshot appointment.

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