Indiana Day December 11

On December 11th 1816 Indiana became a state. Last year on December 11th we would have celebrated 200 years of being a state. Another interesting fact is Indiana was the 19th state to become colonized.
These five men shown have all become Vice President, and all are all from Indiana. On Indiana day we could celebrate these men and their accomplishments.
Indiana is called the Hoosier state and everyone that lives here is also called a Hoosier. We are called Hoosiers because a man named Hoosier employed in Louisville and Portland. Everyone that was then employed was called "Hoosier's men" and eventually all Indians were called Hoosiers.
Indianas first state capital was Corydon until 1825 when they switched it to Indianapolis.
Indiana's state flower is the peony. It became our state flower in 1957.

Indiana is a wonderful state that I think we should celebrate. There are many reasons to celebrate it. The first reason is because Indiana has been a state for 200 years now. And the day we would celebrate is is on December 11th. I picked this date because 200 years ago that's the day it became a state. The second reason is to celebrate all of indiana's achievements, such as 5 men from Indiana have become Vice President. The first goldfish farm ever started in Indiana. Lastly we became the 19th state out of 50. We have some interesting things about Indiana such as we are called the Hoosier state, we have strange laws, and Santa Claus Indiana still gets 500,000 dear santa card every year. The most interesting fact of all is out first capital was corydon then is 1825 they changed it to Indianapolis.We also have a very pretty state bird and flower. Our state bird is the cardinal and our state flower is the peony.

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