Good Life Nature activity A walk through nature

The butterfly exhibit stood out to me the most in the museum. I thought it was very interesting how lively it felt in there and how well kept the plants and butterflies are. It feels like nature and gives the museum a sense of real life experience prompting thought and interaction with nature. I found this hands on experience very enjoyable and would like to spend more time their in the future.
The Museum allowed all its visitors to feel as if they were experiencing nature in the wild and not through an exhibit. The well kept flora etc allowed people to visualize how a respected land looks. This gave me a sense of need to take care of our environment so nature can do its thing. We must take care of our surroundings in order to take care of ourselves.
This Museum helped me view life in a different more detailed way. It allowed me to step out of my zone of feeling comfortable and made me see things more for their beauty. It helped me better understand nature and the mysteries it carries within itself.

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