The Great Depression And the New Deal

One of the greatest causes of the Great Depression as the stock market crash of 1929. When it occurred, the prices plummeted dramatically, which caused many people to lose their entire life savings. This photo was taken right outside the American Union Bank, which has been closed because of the crash.
This image shows a bunch of people who were unemployed during the Great Depression. By 1933, about 15 million people were unemployed, about 25% of eligible Americans. More then 90,00 businesses failed, and people who had made billions before the crash stood on street corners with no place to call home.
FDR's New Deal strived to get America back on it's feet by promoting Federal Activism. One example of this was getting people involved in projects involving natural resources created by National Park Services, such as how these men are clearing away debris in Mount Rainier National Park.

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