Spark of the civil rights movement

During a time of war America called all me to the front lines. It was time for a divided nation to come together so we all can prosper. Only thing is after the war was one our nation went right back to they're cruel way of government and life, "segregation".
Before the war started African American were barely treated human. Segregation separated us from the whites because we were seen as less. as you can see int he picture blacks were forced to sit in the back of the bus and were severely punished or just kicked off if they tried to take as stand and sit in the front.
As war came America realized that this war could not be on with out the help of the black who they still discriminated against even off of american soil. Among the thousands of African american men who wen toff to fight for their country a group of men stood out. These young men were know as the Tuskegee airmen AKA red tails. They were know as the red tails because their units air crafts had raid paint on the tail of the airplane. These men did an extraordinary job but instead of thanks and welcome after the war they recived something else
The spark of the civil rights movement was not sparked by the return of the black veterans but what they were returning to. They were returning to segregation, becoming less that a man in the eyes of the people they were just protecting form communism an being taken over. They still were not allowed to dink out of the same water fountain as a white veteran who had put no more on the line to see his country succeed. These men gave their life to support a nonsupporting country and at this time we had to say enough. Hint the spark of the civil rights movement.

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