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Asteroid Toutatis

Asteroid Toutatis: Classification: type is an S-type. Apollo asteroid; group of near earth asteroids. Alinda asteroid, Mars-crosser asteroid. Composition: Iron, nickle, and magnesium silicates. Distance: 2.522 A.U. Orbit: 4 years to orbit the sun 1471 days orbital period Collision course: Not excluded but is unpredictable.

Asteroid 52760

Classification type: C-type; also known as carbonaceous asteroids are the most abundant type of asteroid in the solar system. About 75% of all asteroids are c-type. C-type asteroids are too dim to view without a telescope. They have a chemical composition similar to the sun's but lacking hydrogen, helium and other volatile elements.

Composition: Some oxygen and silicon, 80% . 20% mix of nickle, palladium, iridium Distance from the sun: 2.417 (A.U.)

size: 1.5 km in diameter

Orbital revolution: 1365.38 days/ 3.738 years

Likelihood of collision: the chances are quite slim on in 63,000 NASA says it is 99.98% positive the asteroid will fly by us.

asteroid 52760

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