Sumo wrestling is the national sport of Japan. Once patronised by the emperors sumos origins organised least 1 500 years making it the worlds oldest organised sport. It properly evolved out of Mongolian Chinese and Korean wrestlin. In its long history sumo has gone through many changes and many of the rituals that go along the sport that seem old were in fact conceived in the the 20 century. Source t.r Reid national geographic July 1997

Food /drink

Part of the routine is the is the sumo diet. But you can't gain a whole lot of weight on the traditional japense diet sot to bulk up sumo wrestlers eat their own special type of fold. It's called chankonable is essentially as stay severed in a giant pot nabe means pot and is a staple of the sumo. Wrestler diet. They drink a lot of water and green tea there diet there diet about the same whether I am in serious training or not.


Wrestling wake up early in the morning and train hard in the hore of moving up the rank. Morning in a sumo stable begin at around 5.00am. First the I ranked wrestlers begin their training. Matauari as this is called is used to delvelope flexibility in the lower body which is important for a wrestler.

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