Turning Adversity Into Positive Career Traits Turning life's challenges into fertilizer for our dreams

Each of us has our own story. Our own struggles. Our own victories. Our own purpose. My purpose is to serve, encourage, and empower others. Ideals that have been passed on from generation to generation, redefined by my experiences and cemented in my heart from the joy of triumphing over adversity. The workshop Turning Adversity Into Positive Career Traits takes you on a personal journey of belittlement, self-doubt, cultural reaffirmation and embracing YOUR uniqueness.

"Authenticity has become the gold standard for leadership." - Harvard Business Review

Have you ever worked hard for something - admission into a school, an award, or a promotion? And told you received the recognition because you are a minority? This is painful and demoralizing. I am a minority! I realize that anyone who has ever accomplished anything of significance is a minority. One person with courage is a majority. The workshop focuses on honoring your past, navigating through life's challenges and triumphing over adversity.


  1. I Hate My Past
  2. Embracing Your Identity
  3. Uncovering Career Traits
  4. Living On Purpose

I am a Minority

What others are saying

"Thank you for sharing your personal story. It truly is amazing and heart touching how much you have overcome." - Alex O.
"I can relate so much to this! Thank you for sharing, Oscar. I too am a MINORITY." - Crystal C.
"Oscar, thanks for sharing your personal life this reflects back to my life as I am also a MINORITY." - Mathew S.
"Oscar's story is full of heart and drives one to act." - Anyssa S.
"Oscar was wonderful! I really liked that he reminded us all to honor our past. His story is inspiring." - Donalda W.
Oscar Garcia is the Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer of Aspira, a community relations, workforce development and training firm that empowers, engages and educates our clients.

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LinkedIn is the world's largest professional networking site with over 550 million members worldwide. It's a powerful platform used by hiring managers, recruiters and professionals to find candidates, showcase their company, network or gain industry knowledge. My simple and practical three workshop series, LinkedIn for Professionals, helps you create your professional brand, grow your network and find your next opportunity. For more information about the workshops, please contact me at oscar@aspira.biz.

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