Industrial Developement Miya freeman hr. 6

Was rapid industrial development a curse or blessing? Why do we question it? Rapid industrial development was a blessing because it increased agriculture and manufacturing output. It also increased population growth significantly. But the reason people are questions if it was possibly a curse is because the factories are normally very unstable. Therefore they would collapse and kill many people. The machines were unsafe and kids would often get hurt. That lead to people who not wanting industrialization in there area. But it spread anyway. Before industrialization what made up most of the community were farmers. They depended on the North who made their tools in their homes. This took a long time and the North needed a quicker way to produce products for farmers so industrialization started. Industrialization helped the process of making tools and clothing and much more. Factories spread throughout the country and soon enough all parts of the country were producing goods.

The Industrial Revolution was a blessing because manufacturing output grew by a lot. Factories made producing goods a lot quicker therefore more people could move into the area since there was not a big almost to no demand on goods. The machinery saved a lot of time compared to the time before the Industrial Revolution since everyone made there goods in their homes. In the 1700's people were looking for faster ways to make their goods since population in the America's grew and demand became higher. This spiked the Industrial Revolution.
The Industrial Revolution increased agriculture in the America's . Since factories produced jobs the population in cities spiked up. The Industrial Revolution created different farming techniques and that improved livestock breeding. That led to amplified food production. This also increased the health rates in cities.
The Industrial Revolution led to increased population in cities. This was a blessing because this helped factories grow since there were workers to fill up those jobs. Since there were more people to produce products and food. This also led to advances in medicine, better sanitation and also increased birth rate. The factories grew and more jobs were offered because of machinery.

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