Taking apart a Disposable Camera By Anna Strating

The outside layer of the camera is called the casing. It protects the parts inside from being damaged and it holds them in place. It prevents light from coming in contact with the film before the shelter opens when the picture is being taken. The plastic surrounding the lens is the the shutter. The shutter opens and closes between the lens in the film when a picture is being taken. It controls how long the film is being exposed to light. 
We pried off the back and front of the camera (the casing) with a screwdriver
We pulled out the lens, which redirects beams of light bouncing off the object so that they come together and form an image that looks just like the real scene.
Then we took off the flash circuit. The flash circuit contains three major parts. The battery which provides a source of energy for the flash to run off of, a gas discharge tube which produces the flash, and and electrical circuit that connects the power supply to the discharge tube.
When we took off the back part of the casing, we could see the film. So what we did after removing the flash circuit was removing the film. The film is a light sensitive emulsion on the plastic base. When a picture is taken, the light reflected off the objects in the cameras field of view comes through the lens and strikes the emulsion which is the part of the film that allows it to record images.
My group then took off all the little dials and pieces of plastic including the gas discharge tube. It's purpose is to conduct an electrical current by moving electrons from one electrode to another.

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