Harper Lee How To Kill a Mocking Bird

Harper Lee was Born in Monroeville AL in 1926 April 28

Harper had two sisters a brother and a mother and father

In the 1930's and 1960's there was something called the great depression It was one of the worst economic slumps in North America and Europe

During the great depression it was virtually impossible to get a job becuase alot of factoryies did not need to be making anything becuase we were at peace. The great depression was ended by World War 2 because of the demand of war materials and since a lot of young men were drafted for the military women mainly did the working, and women had dangerous jobs they had to work with explosives in storage houses and factory with more explosives

There was also extreme discrimination as with the Jim Crow Laws the Jim crow laws were a series of anti-black laws. Occasion people also took African American jobs when a white did not have a job

Some of the Jim Crow Laws were most laws did not a low intermarriage and interaction between whites and blacks, no nurses legally had to work in wards or rooms where black men were, rooms for buses were even required to be segregated, carts on trains were designated whites and blacks, restaurants, Toilet Facilities, Education you name it, it was segregated. Also most situations the whites waiting room, restroom or what ever was much better maintained and taken care of then any of the blacks waiting room or restroom.

The Plessy vs. Ferguson was a case a against the Jim Crow law and how an African American, Homer Plessy refused to sit in a Jim Crow rail road car for black people this happened in 1896 and U.S. Supreme Court Ruled in favor of The law it wasn't changed until Brown vs. Board of Education in 1954 where it was deemed as unconstitutional. The Brown vs Board of Education where it was said that all children will be educated no more segregation.

Women were property back in the 1930's they weren't aloud to own PROPERTY and everything was in the mans name.
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