The Full Story of Ter Hürne® Genuine Bonded Wood Laminates Direct from Germany

ABOUT Ter Hürne

Ter Hürne is a German family-owned company that develops modern laminate flooring solutions. Though the business has yet to become a household name in the U.K., they are well-known in other parts of Europe for utilizing sustainable and eco-friendly methods. Their eco-Institute certification proves that what they produce are low in harmful substances and emissions, making them more durable and healthier for the family.

Every Ter Hürne ® laminate plank is made in Germany, fashioned from natural ingredients and created using a mix of traditional craftsmanship and sophisticated technology. For us to understand why such processes result in healthier and eco-friendly flooring options, we should delve into how ter Hürne products are created.

History of Ter Hürne ® Laminate Flooring

Ter Hürne has spent over 50 years manufacturing real wood flooring from the Munster region of Germany. Now they use their expertise in designing and making hardwearing laminate floors. By sourcing materials locally, they can guarantee that only natural components are used to create their products. Ter Hürne carefully selects where they source these materials. They scrutinize growth regions and the trees that grow within them to ensure that the products are the best of quality. In doing so, they can give a 20-year guarantee on floors for domestic use.

All Ter Hürne products are FSC® and PEFC™ certified, which ascertains the company’s commitment to protecting the very resources used to produce them. Both non-profit organizations are recognized worldwide for promoting responsible management of the world’s largest forests.

Advantages of Ter Hürne ® Laminate Flooring

Why should you choose laminate flooring? Here are a bunch of reasons that should help you decide if laminates are the best choice for your home (See below):

Advantages of Ter Hürne ® Laminate Flooring
  • Easy to Maintain: Ter Hürne ® laminate flooring is water resistant. It doesn’t absorb moisture and dust like a carpet, which makes it pretty easy to clean and maintain. The floors have an inbuilt antibacterial finish that prevents bacteria from growing.
  • Family-Friendly: Durability is one big advantage of using laminate flooring. It is highly-resistant to dents, scratches, staining, and fading, which makes it the best option for homes with small kids and pets.
  • Suitable for Underfloor Heating: Underfloor heating systems are compatible with Ter Hürne laminates. Whether it’s water-based or electric, the laminate flooring won’t act as an insulator and block the heat. Its designed to adapt to the changes in temperature.
  • Quick installation: CLICKitEASY is an innovative connection system that makes Ter Hürne laminate floors quick and easy to install. With it, anyone can set up floors like a pro. It’s the perfect option for those who would rather steer clear of any type of adhesive or hammer.
  • Eco-Friendly: Ter Hürne uses oils manufactured from linseed and walnut oils to provide tough surface protection and to ensure that homes only have clean, uncontaminated room air. The company is certified by eco-Institute, the leading provider of emission and pollutant testing of construction and furnishing products.
  • Excellent Selections: The planks come in different styles, designs, colours, textures, and wood species. There are also a variety of sizes and dimensions to choose from. With this expansive collection, homeowners should be able to choose the right laminate flooring for their home. Whether it’s for the bedroom or the kitchen, there’s one just for you.
Ter Hürne Colour Collection

Colour can have such an incredible influence on a person’s mood and feelings. It is a crucial element that designers and homeowners need to think about wisely in order to come up with the right atmosphere for the right space. Whether it’s for residential or commercial purposes, you can transform any room with these five basic colour moods:

  • Breeze Line can brighten up any space. With this refreshing palette, you can create an oasis at home, where you can get in tune with your inner self.
  • Vitality Line features soft beige and brown hues, perfect for moments where one needs to step away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and find peace.
  • Courage Line is all about dark and powerful browns, a palette to remind you of your strength and capacity for success.
  • City Line stands for diversity and bold statements. With its modern design in sophisticated shades of grey, you can bring an urban feeling to any room, wherever you may be.
  • Trend Line is designed to be trendy and modern, yet it is also meant to make anyone who steps into a room feel good about being there.

Dimensions and Designs

Aside from colour and style, the proportions of the planks can affect the overall ambience of the room. While long planks suggest a feeling of spaciousness, wide planks convey solidity. Narrow planks, on the other hand, give off a sense of elegance and balance.

Ter Hürne offers nine different options so you can set the right kind of atmosphere for any room you want:

  • Long Plank
  • Plank
  • Wide Plank
  • Extra-Wide Plank
  • Herringbone
  • Tile
  • 2-Strip
  • 3-Strip
  • Multi-strip
Ter Hürne Virtual Room Studio

Are you wondering how the design you like looks in an actual room? Using the Ter Hürne virtual studio, you can effortlessly browse through a diverse collection of styles, textures, and wood species. You can pick out your choices and integrate them into differently furnished rooms.

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