Narwhal Lino-cut Print By: Madison Taylor

My lino-cut was inspired by this picture of the narwhals "fighting."

For this project we had to create a print of an endangered animal using linoleum. The animal I chose was a narwhal. The narwhal is a whale with a large tusk-like protruding tooth. The narwhals scientific name is monodon monoceros. Narwhals are becoming endangered because of rapid climate change, a decrease in their prey, and the area they live in is now sensitive due to the increase of oil shipping.

My Sketches of Narwhals

When beginning this project we had to plan out how we wanted to draw our animal. We were required to use our space equally, with both positive and negative space. We also were required to have our picture going of 3 to 4 sides. We also had to have texture in our print. I started by sketching the narwhals. I figured out which way i liked drawing them the best and decided to draw the narwhals like the picture above.

Plain Uncut linoleum used

After I was done Sketching I drew the sketch onto the plain linoleum. Before actually carving into the linoleum we practiced on a tiny square. Once i felt prepared i began to carve into the linoleum. One problem i encountered was using too much pressure. This caused the carving tool to bounce off the linoleum, this also made me almost cut my finger.

In progress work

Once i got the hang of using the carving tool down it wasn't that hard to use. The small details were one of the hardest part. Making circles was another hard part. When i would try to make a circle the circle would sometimes come off. When i asked for feedback my peers said that i should add more texture and that i should add "bubbles" to make it look like the whales were breathing.

final print

i think my print actually came out very good. The only thing i disliked was the fingerprints on the side of the print. I think my details were shown well with the print. I also think that i used my space well. overall i think that i did well on this project.

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