Rediscovering the americas

with Trey Ratcliff

I'm excited to launch my second tour of the Americas! This time I'm even going south of the border! I'm planning on visiting 30+ cities over the next few years and I'm announcing a few right now! I'll get started this summer (June - August), and I'll be stopping in 10 great cities on a road trip across Canada and the USA! I'll try to capture the unique beauty and essence of each location. This will be my first time to visit a few locations, and I'm also returning to some of my favorites.

I will also be hosting an art talk in each city. My art talks tend to be quite philosophical and inspirational while also providing a bunch of fun photo and travel tips. I'll be sharing stories and images from the road trip plus tell some never-told-before stories about the origins of the works in my Fine Art series. For more details and to join us, check out the Art Talk section below.

You can follow along on the adventure via my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts and looking for the hashtag #RediscoverTheAmericas

Fine art talks

An Evening with Trey Ratcliff

Join me in a city near you for an amazing evening of inspiration and art! I'm on a photo tour visiting 40 cities over the next three years across the US, Canada, Latin, and South America.

At each city, we're hosting a small, intimate event, where I'll share some of my favorite new & old photos, tell stories, and discuss some counter-intuitive thoughts behind the creative process. These special events will be inspirational and encourage you to help find your artistic (and maybe true) self.

Along my own path, I figured out a lot about the importance of the dissolution of the ego, being vulnerable, being fearless, and going into every action with love. I know that might sound hokey, but I really mean it. That is perhaps the core theme that runs through all my photos. In the end, before the Q&A, I'll also share a new nine-minute short film I'm working on. And then, during the Q&A, let it rip! Ask me absolutely anything! After the Q&A, we'll have a mix n' mingle. There will be a cash bar if that's your thing. Feel free come up and ask me anything if you were too embarrassed to ask during the public Q&A bit. For those of you that have been to my events in the past, then you know I'm the last one to leave the room in my usual people-pleasing mode!

There is a small ticket fee ($9) in limited numbers which we set simply for crowd control so we don't overwhelm the venues. I'll also have a few copies of my new book there. I'm happy to sign them for you (or you can bring your own if you already bought it!). See you soon! :) Come armed with questions! :)

Highlights from PAST tours

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Across Asia

Tokyo | Kyoto | Osaka | Okinawa | Langkawi | Kuala Lumpur | Singapore | Koh Samui | Sanya | Macao | Hong Kong | Shanghai | Chengdu | Tianjin | Beijing

Media Kit and Sponsorship

This will be our third tour around the world. Previous sponsors have included The Ritz-Carlton, Google, Facebook, DJI, and many other tech and social companies. If you'd like to know more about the total media reach of over 5 million followers, 100,000+ Newsletter subscribers, the 10+ million views on YouTube, and the 1+ million views on his blog, read the full Media Kit.

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