From King to God King Ramses II

So first, you need to know the story of the Pharaoh. Legend has it, that in the beginning of time, the Sun God Ra had a son. He couldn't control the Earth, so he sent his son to rule. It was said that whenever his son died, he would be reunited with Ra, and another pharaoh would rise.
Ramses was a warrior as a child. He was a captain of a military regiment at age 10! To make sure that he would be physically fit, his father, Seti I, made him run 2 miles every morning before breakfast.
Ramses II was most known for his monuments and shrines. Ramses was known for this because of the extreme amount of monuments he built. In fact, he built so many monuments, that there are very few monuments in Egypt that didn't originally contain the name Ramses.
In the end Ramses died like every other human-god hybrid, but it leaves you wondering more about the story of the Pharaoh. Was it true, was it false, did the Pharaohs even know the truth, or did they just have high faith? We may never know.
Created By
Bryant Amsler


Created with images by Pexels - "alone camel desert" • Will Scullin - "Rosicrucian Museum" • radical.librarian - "Obélisque de Luxor in the place de la Concorde" • Boston Public Library - "Mummy of Ramses II"

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