My culture richard ortega

The ethnic group that I mostly identify with is Mexican because thats what I view myself as. Most of the stuff that I do is in a Mexican way. I would like to learn more about my german side of my family because I didn't know that I was German. My definition of cultural identity is that your ethnicity, social class,nationality,and generation make you who you are today.

The ethnicity that I mostly identify with is Mexican because both my parents are Mexican. I also identify myself as a Mexican because I look like one. I'm also proud to be a Mexican person.


My Grandma is from Sinaloa, Mexico and lived on a ranch. My grandpa is from Tamazula, Durango in Mexico. My grandpa stopped going to school when he was in the third grade because he had to work to help support his sister and his mom. My grandpa didn't have his first pair of shoes until he was twelve years old. My grandpa and grandma both came to the United States in 1965. My mom was born in Boyle Heights in Los Angeles, She grew up in Huntington park. My dad was born in Los Angeles too.


The only language that my grandparents spoke was spanish and thats it.

Physical traits

I think that most Mexicans have the same physical traits. My family has the same thing as every other Mexican family Brown hair and brown eyes.


My grandma loves to make pozole and invite the whole family over to eat some, so that our little tradition as a family. My favorite Mexican food is Mole it is Chicken covered in this sauce made of dried Mulato chiles, dried ancho chiles, dried pailla chiles, garlic, cinnamon and chocolate.


Ceramics are more specific in my grandparents region because thats what people liked to decorate the inside and outside of there houses with. There is also a lot of bright colors like this one painting that shows the birds and the flowers with bright colors. there wasn't any famous artist from this region.


The most famous music from my region is Banda music. Which is played mostly with brass instruments. I think that the best form of Banda music are Corridos because sometimes they tell some cool stories of ones life.

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