What caused dinosaur extinction? By: Nick Becker

The Astriod.

  • The astriod was called the Chicxlub.
  • It hit 66 million years ago between the Cretaceous period and the Tertiary period.
  • The crater formed a 550-meter tall peak ring.
  • The astriod was 6 miles long, and the size of the crater is 110 miles long.
  • The speed of the astriod was 10-20 miles per second.
This is the Chicxulub Crater.
How did the extinction change earth?
  • The impact blocked out the sun and caused wildfires.
  • The temperature was about 16 degrees.
  • 3/4 of the species went extinct.
  • The impact caused a lot of heat, snow, rain, a tsunami, and volcano eruptions.
  • Thanks to the astriod, we have new animals on earth.

How the dinosaurs way of life was destroyed.


Before extinction, the dinosaurs lived happily. They had perfect climate, great source of food, and water. The predictors would eat the prey, and the prey would eat plants. Also, all of the dinosaurs had a perfect home they could live in. BUT ALL OF THAT IS GOING TO CHANGE!


The astriod that hit earth caused 3/4 of species to go extinct. The climate dropped to about 16 degrees, there were forest fires, volcanic eruptions, a tsunami, heavy snow, and rain.


Which statement is true?

A. The astriod travel 10-20 miles per millisecond.

B. After extinction, 3/4 of species went extinct.

How cold was earth when the astriod hit?

A. Below 16 degrees.

B. 16 degrees.

When the Cretaceous period ended, which period started?

A. The Paleogene period.

B. The Tertiary period.


1. B.

2. B.

3. A.


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