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Mojang, the company that created Minecraft, showed how they are Swedish by a character to accompany Steve, the male avatar. The character is known today as Alex and she has ginger hair and wears green.


So, when you spawn in your brand new world, you may find yourself at a loss without punching a few trees and collecting some wood. The wisest first step is to go into your inventory and craft some planks. Then make a crafting table for sticks. You ought to make a few wooden tools including a sword, axe and pick axe. Build a shelter. Hunt a few sheep and perhaps kill some domestic animals for meat. Craft a bed with three wool and three planks of wood. This is vital because without a place to stay safe you will find yourself in a battle against cruel monsters through the night.

Hostile mobs

Hostile or attacking, provoked or not, mobs include Ghasts, Slimes, Skeletons, Creepers, Endermen, Zombie Pigmen, Spiders, Cave-spiders, Magma cubes, Skeleton and Spider jockeys and Silverfish.

Ghasts shoot fireballs and they live in the Nether. Other hostile animals that live in the Nether are Zombie Pigmen and Blazes. Zombie Pigmen only attack when you hit one and they continue whilst they within 60 blocks of you.The only other mobs that live in another dimension are Endermen and the Enderdragon. They both teleport and will attempt to attack you. Skeletons shoot with their bow and arrow. Creepers explode and are silent,spiders simply attack.

Bosses are Herobrine wholooks like Steve without eyes, Withers which are the most fierce and the Enderdragon, already mentioned in the previous paragraph.

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