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Welcome to the Digital Discovery Tool landing page, where you can find information about the tool and how to sign-up to complete your profile:

What is digital? What digital developments are the University making? How can the Digital Discovery Tool support this and what can I get from the tool?

Dan Perry and Richard Reece answer these questions and more in the video below:

Digital Discovery Tool

The Digital discovery tool is a completely anonymous digital capability assessment tool that can help you to reflect on your digital capability and confidence. Completing the tool not only gives you a map of your digital capability, it also directs you to resources to support your development. Your free and full access to the discovery tool and resources will give you something to use to create your own digital development plan but is available for a limited time only.

This is a universal tool for all employees in Higher Education (HE) and has a further set of questions for those involved with teaching and learning in HE. If you identify as an Academic, you will automatically get access to this part of the tool.

You can find more information about to the Digital Discovery Tool and the Jisc Digital Capability Framework through these links:

Signing up:

If you are not already registered on the system, you will need to sign up. Follow the instructions listed or watch the video below:

1. Click on the following link to access the site - Jisc Digital Discovery Tool Sign up

2. Click on the 'sign-up' link just below the 'Sign-in' box

3. This will take you through the sign up process, where you will need to provide your name and email address.

4. You will then need to create your password (this needs to be at least 8 characters, one capital letter and one number).

5. This is also where you need to use the code dcap17!

6. Finally you will need to select your institution from the drop down list (note that this is sensitive to any apostrophes in your organisation name) and your department and role before reading the data privacy notice and creating your account.

Completing the tool:

1. Review the Jisc Digital Capability Framework for more information about the digital competencies and terminology.

2. Complete the questions as accurately as possibly. You are the only person with access to your personal data, but your answers will help to inform the University’s digital capability profile.

3. Once you complete your profile, this will create your personal digital capability report and direct you to a range of free learning resources and ideas tailored to support your development areas. You have until the 13th July 2018 to complete the self-assessment.

4. Download this report as a PDF if you would like to save this offline.

5. Contact Staff Learning and Development for more information about accessing Lynda.com as an additional development resource.

6. If you have time, please take a few minutes to provide feedback on the tool and resources (Staff evaluation feedback form), so this open source tool can continue to be improved for the HE sector.

Once you have completed the assessment tool you have until 13th July 2018 to download your report and use the resources available to expand your digital capabilities. A reduced version of the tool is likely to be available next academic year.


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