AQUART Crowdfunding campaign

Dear Friends, Family, Followers and Good People I am yet to meet...

Hi there!

Im super excited that you're reading this as I'd like to ask for your support for my crowdfunding campaign...and there's some pretty good rewards for your participation! Please read on for a summary of what this is all about and then head on over to my Go Fund Me page if you're keen to get involved...

As a photographer, I love nothing more than getting out and capturing the beauty of the world around me. In recent years I’ve started to get more and more into photographing the ocean from as many angles as I can, and I am especially hooked on getting on, in and under the waves and shooting a whole new environment.

My style is to create aquascapes and abstract images that capture the ever-changing interaction between the water and light. I currently shoot all my images with my iPhone and a heavy duty water housing, which is (touch wood) yet to let in a drop of water...

Given the positive feedback I have had on the images I currently produce, and requests to buy them, I have begun to look into ways in which I can share them (beyond social media) as fine art prints, so that people like your good self can have a lovely piece of ocean inspired art on their walls; and I can begin to turn what is currently a personal passion into a photography business.

To do this, I need to capture images in higher resolutions than the iPhone can produce, and have more manual control over the way the images are taken, and to do this I plan to use my professional Canon DSLR camera. Given it's a very expensive piece of equipment it needs a very good quality water housing to ensure it stays nice and dry while underwater… and these don't come cheap (they cost as much as the camera!!!). Unfortunately, I can't see myself being able to afford one anytime soon.

But I didn’t want to be deterred by this, so I started making tangible efforts towards achieving my goals, while also looking for alternative ways to get the required funds to do so…

First, I developed my brand and have now created Aquart (aqua art geddit...), and am slowly but surely building my social media presence to continue to share my work as far and wide as possible.

Second, I am currently working on creating a website where people will be able to purchase my printed images moving forward.

Third, I began to learn all I could about crowd funding, as I know of a few people who have had success in launching businesses, products and realising personal dreams via the power of many people contributing to achieve a substantial goal. The more I thought about it the more I realised it was an idea worth exploring …and that I could offer something nice in return.

So I’ve put more hours than I care to count into coming up with a great crowd-funding campaign that will help me achieve my goals, and will reward those who support me financially with their very own piece of Aquart, created with the very equipment they helped me to purchase…which I feel has a nice full circle-ness to it!

Oh, and did I mention that anyone supporting this campaign will be getting their art work at 25% off what my retail price will be once I start selling them + it'll be shipped right to your door wherever you are in the world!

And lastly, I’ve found a great printing company that will be able to turn my images into real works of art, by printing them onto both high quality fine art paper, as well as acrylic glass which looks super stylish and amazing!

So that’s the long and the short of it…

I hope it clearly explains what I want to do, why I want to do it, what I need to do it, and how I plan to do it; and if you're able to, I would really appreciate your support in helping me to do it…as it's super easy:

1) Check out my crowdfunding page (link below) and the various rewards for the different levels of financial support (N.B. rewards are all 25% off my planned retail price and includes shipping).

2) Choose the reward you would like and “donate” the relevant amount to the campaign.

3) Share this page or my GoFundMe page with your social networks, or anyone you think may like to have some Aquart in their life.

4) Follow Aquart on Facebook and/or Instagram for updates on my campaign progress.

5) Sit back and feel awesome about having helped make Aquart a reality.

6) Keep an eye out on Instagram, Facebook or my website for an image that takes your fancy and get in touch with me to order your reward (there’s no expiration date, so wait for an image that you really love. I’ll have new images going up regularly).

7) Receive your reward and enjoy having a lovely piece of Aquart in your home!

Thanks for reading and I hope it has made you interested in supporting the launch of Aquart. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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Dhrma Bendersky

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