Finding Your Strengths Merlin Hanbury-Tenison – Sandstone Associate, Passionate Rewilder, Strengths Coach

Train through experience. Inspire though example.

What you will learn

  • How to transform natural talents into professional strengths
  • What makes you unique and special as a team member and where you can collaborate with others to help reach team outcomes
  • How to improve mental wellness and resilience at work
  • How to get the most out of the people around you and ensure that everyone is doing what they love.

How you will learn

Prior to the session you will carry out the world renowned CliftonStrengths psychometric assessment that will give you your personalised ‘Talent DNA’.

During the session Merlin will help each delegate to understand their dominant strengths, identify where these are most evident in their daily lives and help them plan how they can then be used to overcome their most pressing professional challenges.

Delegates will leave with a Personal Development Plan which will be a guiderail for how to use their dominant strengths to overcome challenges.

Using a ‘Strengths Grid’ the team will be able to see how they can best collaborate, share and delegate amongst one another. This is a key tool for management to understand how to get the most from their people.

A little about Merlin

After leading teams for over 15 years in both the military and corporate worlds, Merlin discovered that his true talent lay in helping people to develop and find what they really loved doing. During an MBA, several years working in management consultancy and by coaching clients exclusively through StrengthsFinder, Merlin has honed these talents in order to help people achieve their greatest dreams and overcome their most entrenched barriers. Merlin is also pioneering a rewilding programme across his hill farm in Cornwall and exploring how strengths coaching within the natural world can help people to grow and heal more quickly than in their urban offices.

The course

  • 1 Hour
  • £150.00 + VAT per candidate

To book email: merlin@sandstonecommunications.co.uk

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