March on Washington presentation by: Sammy Asher

The March on Washington was the the eventuality of several other failed attempts to arrange marches to the same effect, but this time the marchers now had much more support from many more people and organizations.

The March went down during august 1963 in the capital of the united states; Washington.

Many famous people came to demonstrate, among them singers Marian Anderson, Odetta, Joan Baez, and Bob Dylan. Little Rock civil rights veteran Daisy Lee Bates. actors Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee. American Jewish Congress president Rabbi Joachim Prinz. UAW president Walter Reuther. march organizer Bayard Rustin. NAACP president Roy Wilkins. National Urban League president Whitney Young and SNCC leader John Lewis.

The goal of the march was to gain black rights in the workplace, among other things like more freedoms and decreased racism.

Most of the marchers were from black rights groups, religious groups, workers rights groups, among others.

Other civil rights groups were against it, like malcolm X. the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations refused to support the march.

However the opposition was not exactly the hardest thing to overcome, the march was able to operate as it wanted to without major conflict.

The march gave a model for social change in america, and inspired americans fighting for rights for any group. It really saved the civil rights movement, and created a ton of momentum for the movement. And also made racism significantly less of a “cool thing” for many people.

A comparison can be made between this march and the march for science that happened recently, it was working to promote scientific advancement when politicians are often encouraged, often monetarily, to avoid it. Especially with climate change which people often deny despite it being fact, similar to how many whites denied blacks to be equal despite the fact we are all just human beings.


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