"Fracture" Cristian J. Cruz

It was June 21st, the air was warm. The smell of fried everything in the air and the loud screams of men and women in the hog calling contest. I was sitting under a tent eating my corn dog. I was texting my friends if I could get a ride later after the fair.

"Hey Ron!" Jimmy said wearing his plaid shirt and sunglasses, "There is a chicken wing eating contest, and I got tickets for a shooting range wanna come?" I answered:

" I'll pass on the chicken wing eating contest but I will go to the range with ya!" "Great!" Jimmy said with excitement. I picked up the leash next to me "Come on Thunder!" the Pit bull stood up wagging its tail smiling at Ron.

They were walking to the shooting range, they were philosophizing about how the chicken wings looked a bit undercooked and did not look right.

We've finally arrived at the gun range, they showed the teller the tickets,they picked up two brush guns and were having a heck of time. It was such a happy mood no seriousness, no more worrying about politics, and no work. They started shooting their guns at each target.

"Golly I haven't had so much fun with you since the 1970’s at the college party!" said Jimmy.

"Yeah, it sure is!" Ron screamed trying to overpower the sound of their shotguns "Bang" "click, click" "Bang", the sounds of the guns were as loud as waves crashing the shore, or even the sounds of a lions cry roaring through the African fields overpowering all animals.

The sound of the shotguns were making the two of us, we were shooting each target while listening to the pig squealing contest. "Dang! They are really into it!" said Jimmy.

"I know, right!" I answered. As I was reloading and paying for another round, I saw man looking not so well "Hey I'm gonna check that guy out alrighty!"

“Okay” said Jimmy, I was walking to the man and he sat down near the trash can and he started barfing like there was no tomorrow. "Hey man, are you okay?"

He looked up at me.He was in pain, he was sweating, there was vomit on sweater probably mamas spaghetti. He was first crying then he started shaking vigorously and out of control, my dog started barking at him I looked at my dog to shush him up, I looked back at man and he wasn't on the bench. He was having some sort of seizure, I looked around yelling "Somebody! I need help!". As I was looking around and there was even more people looking like him, I turned around the man was looking straight at me. His hair was falling off,he was bleeding he stood up and he was limping towards me and he took a swing at me "HEY WHAT'S WRONG WITH YA?"

I pushed him away and he fell to the ground, he then went to bite my leg and I kicked him in the face. He was jacked up and all disgusting, I turned around all those people who looked like him were mauling other people, everyone was screaming running "THEIR INFECTED!!!!"

Jimmy took the shot gun and passed me one to. I started to run along Jimmy yelling"WE NEED TO MOVE!!!" "Come here boy!!", I said and Thunder ran to me.

I was looking around the fair,but there was nothing but death and screams. As I was looking for shelter I saw a truck "LOOK ITS A DODGE "

we ran to it there was an infected in there, he was squirming in the seat screeching. I whispered under my breath "sorry"

and I took a shoot at the zombie "BOOM"

Blood was all over the driver's seat. "We can finally get out of here!", I jumped in the car stole the key from the corpse, threw him on the ground and let Thunder in first I put the key in"chick" … "chick" I looked at Jimmy and I said "the car is not working!" in disbelief he responds with a "It's what?" chuckling. He started bursting with laughter in a

maniacally way then he started crying and he yelled "WHAT WILL WE DO, WE ARE SURROUNDED BY ZOMBIES AND THERE IS NO WHERE TO GO!",

I smacked him across the face "You need to snap out of it you're freaking out, we need to find a solution!.”

" Ok! we roll down the window and we climb to the top of the car ok, on three. One … Two … THREE".

I broke the leaving pieces of glass scattered all over the floor by mistake I beeped the horn with the heel of my shoe and all the zombies stared at the car. "Wait! I forgot Thunder."

I turned around pulled out my shotgun, blasted three zombies away with one pull of a trigger. I climbed back inside the car, wrapped the leash around my waist and pulled him up on top of the car and stared right at Jimmy and the dog, they were out of breath. Jimmy was blasting zombies and I was trying to comfort the dog, I was looking around to see if there is an escape route. And there was none.

to see if there are more cars "I have an idea!" I aimed the gun at the car and shot the gasoline lid. "What are you doing?" said Jimmy. "BAM" … I took a shot nothing happened "what in the world was the point in tha" "BOOOOOOM" the car blew up into pieces of metal.

All the zombies ran to the demolished car, I grabbed my dog's leash but there was no dog on the other end. "Thunder?" … "THUNDER!"

I came running to my dog who had a scratch on the side of his stomach. "JIMMY THUNDER IS BLEEDING!"

Jimmy ran to the box and brought it to us. All I heard were our breaths , the dog whimpering, and the zombies groans. “JIMMY OPEN THE DANG BOX NOW! I AM NOT GOING TO LOSE MY DOG, I HAVE OWNED HIM FOR ABOUT FIVE YEARS ALREADY I AM NOT LETTING HIM GO TO SOME ZOMBIES!”

He opened it there was a flare gun and a medical kit, as well as a cell phone “Oh my god thank you lord for saving this dog!” Jimmy!! I'll patch him up, you call the police.”

Jimmy dialed the number and I wrapped up Thunder with bandages. “We are still out in the open, lets go hide in a tent for now.”

He turned around and said “They are on their way! They are helping other people. May God have mercy on those souls!”

so he put the phone away and we ran as far as we can away from the area, we settled ourselves in a small tent and we were sitting there with my dog in my hands and the cell phone in Jimmy's. Thirty minutes have passed and no one came.... until we heard a faint sound of a siren, “WE ARE SAVED!” we said in unison. The car came in running over two zombies, three men with bullet proof suits and wearing riot helmet, they came out of the SUV with vectors in each one of there hands blasting the zombies they ran everywhere screaming “where are you?” we got the flare gun and shot in the air. They started running toward us and screamed “GET IN THE CAR NOW!”

We sprinted, I had my dog in my hands and ran to the car two out of the three were in front of me and one was in the back escorting us to the car. We hooped in the car and the officers went in and revved the the engine and we left the territory, it was silent as silent as an abandoned village and there was only the sound of the engine and our breath.


Three months have passed since the day I witness the sprout of a new virus called “fracture” and they still did not find the cure, I looked out my window witnessing the death and destruction right before my eyes. Body bags scattered all over the streets,

people making rants and freaking out over the epidemic. The sound of gunshots echoing through the air was so familiar to me, maybe it was the fact that I survived for so long. I coughed a few times and the last one was pretty ugly, I spat blood from my mouth. I went into my bathroom and took some pills, I looked at the mirror and said to myself “Dang those parasites!”

I looked down at my hand and rolled up my sleeve and saw the outline of the bite on my arm, the purple and yellow colors slowly made their way up my arm. I looked up at the mirror again seeing myself falling apart my hair falling off and my eyes turning yellow, a tear ran down my cheek and I said “why me?”

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