Argus African Roads (Road Construction Maintenance Event)

What is it? - It is a road construction maintenance event with man African government officials involved, donors, investors, and construction companies.

Advantages to these meetings? - (1) One on one meetings with different officials and companies. (2) Access to over 200 different companies (3) Government officials from 15 different countries in Africa.

People in attendance - Silvestre Elias, ANE National Roads Administration/ NdyamukamaKayamba, Ministry of Works, Transport and Communications/ Eng. Trevor Hiwa, Malawi Roads Authority and Jacob Ruwa, Kenya Roads

How do these hurt Africa? - When being built many vital ecosystems can be destroyed, such as clean water supplies, regulating the climate and producing carbon. Also these roads can sometimes affect the native vegetation.

How do these help Africa? - Roads are most beneficial when put into already settled land. These new roads can help farmers have better access to farming technologies, and help them to transport their crops more easily. Also these roads allow easier access to healthcare. Overall the roads would help people be transported from place to place and Africa would grow economically and socially.

Where else in the world would this benefit? - Countries like Latin America and Asia would greatly improve economically and socially if roads were implemented there. Roads in these countries would help improve trade routes, improve access to healthcare, easier access for farmers goods and technologies, and a population increase due to growth in the countries.

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